Top 100 Closeout Helmet Deals

Closeout and Clearance Prices That Will Save You Real Dollars!

Every month we pull together the Top 100 Helmet Closeout and Clearance Deals from the biggest players in the online motorcycle gear retail space that will save you big dollars on top shelf brands like Arai, Shoei, HJC, Bell, Schuberth, Shark, Joe Rocket as well as others.

Almost everybody thinks you have to pay top dollar for a top quality helmet. Not so! Helmet clearance and closeout sales represent serious discounts for savvy men and women motorcycle riders.

We know and understand that not everybody wants to, or needs to pay top dollar for a new helmet. If you agree then read on!

We check out and compare prices from Revzilla, Cycle Gear Direct and Motorcycle Superstore to find those deals that offer real savings to you as well as having excellent customer service and incentives like

  • free ground shipping (conditions apply)
  • price match on selected helmets
  • no hassle returns.

Take a look at the table below. You can sort on each column (click on the column name) as well as use the search box to narrow it down to helmets you may be particularly interested in.

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HelmetBrand/ModelBuyer Rating

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Sale PriceSaving Over RRP


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Icon AirmadaIcon Airmada Salient4.5$14942%Revzilla Online
BiLT Techno Bluetooth MetropolisBilt Techno Bluetooth Metropolis Open Face3.5$189.9944%Cycle Gear Direct
Scorpion EXO 500 Heritage HelmetScorpion EXO 500 Heritage4.5$69.9570% Motorcycle Superstore
BiLT Techno Bluetooth MetropolisShoei X-12 Helmet - Solid4.5$369.9946%Revzilla Online
BiLT Techno Bluetooth MetropolisScorpion EXO-R2000 Dispatch Helmet5.0$229.9541%Revzilla Online
Schuberth S2 Helmet4.0$299.0050%Revzilla Online
Bell Vortex Band Helmet4.5$99.9944%Revzilla Online
Schuberth C3 Helmet (XS Only)4.5$329.0048%Revzilla Online
Scorpion EXO-1100 Jag4.5$159.9527%Revzilla Online
Scorpion EXO-900X Helmet - Solid4.5$139.9630%Revzilla Online
Vemar Eclipse Night Vision4.5$169.9957%Revzilla Online
Fly Trekker DS Helmet - 20114.5$99.9529%Revzilla Online
Scorpion EXO-500 Corsica4.5$129.9932%Revzilla Online
AGV K4 EVO Helmet - Solid4.5$179.9525%Revzilla Online
Schuberth S2 Lines4.0$375.0042%Revzilla Online
Biltwell Gringo Scallop Limited Edition Helmet - Closeout4.5$129.9532%Revzilla Online
Speed and Strength SS1500 Solid Speed4.5$119.9533%Revzilla Online
Schuberth C3W4.5$329.0048%Revzilla Online
Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz4.5$329.0050%Revzilla Online
Shoei Hornet DS Helmet (Size 2XS Only)4.5$189.9963%Revzilla Online
Nolan N44 Storm4.5$335.9620%Revzilla Online
Shoei Neotec Borealis4.5$524.9930%Revzilla Online
AGV Skyline Block4.0$249.9531%Revzilla Online
GMax GM11D Dual Sport Helmet - Graphic4.0$94.9527%Revzilla Online
AFX FX-90 Reaper4.5$69.9526%Revzilla Online
Icon Airframe Statistic4.5$230.0041%Revzilla Online
HJC RPHA 10 Helmet - Solid5.0$259.95 - $269.9528%Revzilla Online
Shoei X-Fourteen Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$613.79 - $623.6910%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet3.5$219.9945%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Techno Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet3.5$239.9940%Cycle Gear Direct
Shoei RF-1200 Diabolic Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet5.0$530.9910%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Evolution Modular Motorcycle Helmet4.0$79.97 - $119.9969%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Racer Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.0$79.9943%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Techno Bluetooth Adventure Motorcycle Helmet4.0$219.9945%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Explorer Adventure Helmet4.0$129.9935%Cycle Gear Direct
Sedici Fuori Race Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet5.0$99.97 - $149.9933%Cycle Gear Direct
Street & Steel Hellbender Motorcycle Half Helmet5.0$99.9717%Cycle Gear Direct
Street & Steel 74 Moto Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$89.9925%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Apollo Modular Motorcycle Helmet4.0$119.9945%Cycle Gear Direct
Custom Bilt Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.5$59.9950%Cycle Gear Direct
Speed and Strength SS1500 Off The Chain Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$79.9756%Cycle Gear Direct
Speed and StrengthUnder The Radar 2.0 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.5$69.9753%Cycle Gear Direct
Shoei RF-1200 Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.5$437.39 - $485.9910%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Techno Bluetooth Evolution Modular Motorcycle Helmet3.5$259.9941%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Demon Modular Motorcycle Helmet4.0$89.9944%Cycle Gear Direct
Fly Street 9mm Motorcycle Half-Helmet-$53.9510%Cycle Gear Direct
Shoei Qwest Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.0$330.29 - $349.1910%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Raptor Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet3.5$119.9940%Cycle Gear Direct
Shoei RF-1200 Metallic Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.5$449.0910%Cycle Gear Direct
Bilt Clutch 2 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet4.0$69.9942%Cycle Gear Direct
Sedici Avventura Adventure Motorcycle Helmet4.0$99.97 - $179.9944%Cycle Gear Direct
Scorpion EXO-R410 Incline4.76$54.9569% Motorcycle Superstore
LS2 Stream Solid Helmet4.90$99.9517% Motorcycle Superstore
HJC RPHA-X Tempest Helmet5.0$119.9966% Motorcycle Superstore
Scorpion EXO-1100 Sixty-Six Helmet4.77$109.99 - $169.9545% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell MX-9 Adventure Solid Helmet4.86$74.99 - $189.9560% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS1100 62 Motorsports Helmet4.81$69.9946% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS1100 Solid Speed Helmet4.77$47.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Delinquent Helmet4.60$63.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS1300 Solid Speed Helmet4.21$59.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS400 DVD Solid Speed Helmet4.74$35.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
EVS Cypher Bolt Helmet-$66.9960% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell MX-9 Airtrix Paradise Helmet-$71.9860% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell Custom 500 Headcase Cue Ball Helmet4.87$63.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell Qualifier Cam 4.72$43.9959% Motorcycle Superstore
Scorpion EXO-250 Helmet (Sizes XS & S Only)4.69$39.9563% Motorcycle Superstore
Answer Racing Evolve 2.0 AR15 Helmet4.73$67.9860% Motorcycle Superstore
Nolan N40 Helmet5.0$224.99 - $278.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS2500 Urge Overkill Helmet4.73$119.9945% Motorcycle Superstore
Scorpion EXO-500 Helmet4.56$89.9954% Motorcycle Superstore
HJC CL-MAX II Atomic Modular Helmet4.60$109.99 - $114.9930% Motorcycle Superstore
Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet (Size XL Only)2.20$189.9952% Motorcycle Superstore
Scorpion Women's EXO-1100 Tiffany Helmet5.0$149.9551% Motorcycle Superstore
Bell SX-1 Stack Helmet4.10$49.95 - $99.9550% Motorcycle Superstore
HJC IS-33 Helmet4.60$111.9925% Motorcycle Superstore
Arai Defiant Character Helmet4.5$549.9527%Revzilla Online
Arai Signet-Q Helmet - Closeout5.0$464.9625%Revzilla Online
Arai XD-4 Explore Helmet4.5$547.4625%Revzilla Online
Arai Signet-Q Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.5$557.95 - $575.9510%Cycle Gear Direct
Arai Signet-Q US Flag Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet5.0$674.9510%Cycle Gear Direct
Arai RX-Q Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet5.0$530.95 - $548.9510%Cycle Gear Direct
Arai XD-4 Helmet4.52$539.99 - $557.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Arai Signet-Q Helmet4.83$469.99 - $575.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Arai RX-Q Solid Helmet4.84$530.99 - $548.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Schuberth S2 Helmet4.71$289.9923% Motorcycle Superstore
Schuberth Women's C3W Helmet - Size L Only3.87$329.9948% Motorcycle Superstore
Schuberth SR1 Helmet5.0$729.9919% Motorcycle Superstore
Schuberth S2 Sport Wave Helmet-$524.9924% Motorcycle Superstore
Shark Speed-R Helmet - Solid4.5$271.2532%Revzilla Online
Shark Vision-R Series 2 Helmet - Solid4.5$221.57 - $241.5737%Revzilla Online
Shark Raw Michalak Replica Helmet (XS & SM Only)4.5$229.3428%Revzilla Online
Shark Speed-R Avenger Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$349.9721%Cycle Gear Direct
Shark Evoline 3 ST Helmet4.90$304.5024% Motorcycle Superstore
Shark Evoline 3 ST Arona Helmet5.0$319.5021% Motorcycle Superstore
Shark Speed-R Duke Helmet5.0$300.0032% Motorcycle Superstore
Joe Rocket RKT Speedmaster Carbon Helmet4.93$359.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Joe Rocket R1000X Blaster Helmet4.80$99.99 - $119.9931% Motorcycle Superstore
Fly racing Kinetic Block Out Helmet5.0$87.9920% Motorcycle Superstore
Icon Airmada Stack Full-Face Motorcycle 5.0$129.00 - $195.0050%Cycle Gear Direct
HJC FG-17 Ace Helmet4.5$139.99 - $144.9930%Revzilla Online

Top Helmet Deals Specifically For Ladies


(Out of 5)

Sale PriceYou SaveBuy Now

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Scorpion Women's EXO-R410 Orchid Full-Face MotorcycleScorpion Women's EXO-R410 Orchid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet5.0$99.9733%Cycle Gear Direct
Bell Women's Pit Boss Pink FlamesBell Women's Pit Boss Pink Flames Helmet (Size 2XL Only)4.5$79.9938%Revzilla Online
Bilt Women's Redemption Off-Road MotorcycleBilt Women's Redemption Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet4.5$69.9942%Cycle Gear Direct
Speed and Strength Women's SS300 Wicked GardenSpeed and Strength Women's SS300 Wicked Garden Helmet5.0$54.9521%Revzilla Online
HJC Women's CS-R2 SecaHJC Women's CS-R2 Seca Helmet4.5$79.9620%Revzilla Online
Shoei Women's GT-Air Grandeur Full-Face MotorcycleShoei Women's GT-Air Grandeur Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$603.8910%Cycle Gear Direct
GMax GM54S Pink Ribbon ModularGMax GM54S Pink Ribbon Modular Helmet4.70$170.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
GMax GM46.2X TraxxionGMax GM46.2X Traxxion Helmet4.90$80.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Z1R Roost LaunchZ1R Roost Launch Helmet3.80$70.0030% Motorcycle Superstore
Bilt Women's Blast Full-Face MotorcycleBilt Women's Blast Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$79.9956%Cycle Gear Direct
HJC Women's CL-17 MysticHJC Women's CL-17 Mystic Helmet4.5$109.9927%Revzilla Online
Fly Racing Kinetic ImpulseFly Racing Kinetic Impulse Helmet4.73$98.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Nolan N104 EVO ModularNolan N104 EVO Modular Helmet4.84$404.99 - $476.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night VisionVemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision Helmet4.5$199.0050%Revzilla Online
Fly racing Trekker DS Helmet - 2014Fly racing Trekker DS Helmet - 20144.46$84.9939% Motorcycle Superstore
Sedici Women's Strada Linea Full-Face MotorcycleSedici Women's Strada Linea Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$109.9752%Cycle Gear Direct
Sedici Women's Fuori Race Off-Road MotorcycleSedici Women's Fuori Race Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet-$99.9733%Cycle Gear Direct
Speed and Strength SS1500 Killer QueenSpeed and Strength SS1500 Killer Queen Helmet - Size XS Only5.0$139.9930% Motorcycle Superstore
GMax Women's GM67 Open FaceGMax Women's GM67 Open Face Helmet4.79$89.9910% Motorcycle Superstore
Speed and Strength SS700 To the NinesSpeed and Strength SS700 To the Nines Helmet4.5$79.9620%Revzilla Online
Shoei Neotec ModularShoei Neotec Modular Helmet4.55$584.09 - $596.6910% Motorcycle Superstore
Shoei Women's RF-1200 Duchess Full-Face MotorcycleShoei Women's RF-1200 Duchess Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet4.0$530.9910%Cycle Gear Direct
Custom Bilt Women's Raven Motorcycle HalfCustom Bilt Women's Raven Motorcycle Half Helmet4.5$59.9950%Cycle Gear Direct
Scorpion Women's EXO-C110 MariposaScorpion Women's EXO-C110 Mariposa Helmet4.5$118.9615%Revzilla Online
Scorpion Women's EXO-500 Mariposa Full-Face MotorcycleScorpion Women's EXO-500 Mariposa Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$151.9620%Cycle Gear Direct
Sedici Women's Fuori Stelle Off-Road MotorcycleSedici Women's Fuori Stelle Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet-$99.9733%Cycle Gear Direct
Speed and Strength Women's SS1300 Wicked GardenSpeed and Strength Women's SS1300 Wicked Garden Helmet4.5$119.9529%Revzilla Online
Speed and Strength Women's SS650 Heart And SoulSpeed and Strength Women's SS650 Heart And Soul Helmet4.5$95.9620%Revzilla Online
Shoei Women's Qwest Serenity Full-Face MotorcycleShoei Women's Qwest Serenity Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet-$443.6910%Cycle Gear Direct
Scorpion Women's EXO-1100 TiffanyScorpion Women's EXO-1100 Tiffany Helmet5.0$149.9552% Motorcycle Superstore
GMax GM2X Open FaceGMax GM2X Open Face Helmet3.96$40.999% Motorcycle Superstore
Icon Airmada Helmet - CloseoutIcon Airmada Helmet - Closeout4.5$135.0025%Revzilla Online
Scorpion Women's EXO-R410 OrchidKabuto RT-33 Helmet - Solid4.0$279.9730%Revzilla Online

Note: Prices and deals valid at the time of publication.

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