Pirelli MT90 Dual Sports Tire Review

Pirelli MT90 Dual Sports Tire Review

Introducing The Tire That Ducati and Triumph Factory Fit To Their Dual Sports Bikes – The Pirelli MT90

Pirelli MT90 Tire

If you’re like most motorcyclists you probably have an offroad/enduro bike for those blasts around local fields or hills at the weekend, or for when you just need to blow off steam. Or maybe you’ve always preferred the dual roles which enduro bikes offer – at least once you change their tires out. What it comes down to is that not every off-road bike owners wants to or is going to ride their bike off-road all the time.

So if you want to change your current rear tire for something a bit more adaptable then you might want invest the next few minutes of your life in reading our review of the Pirelli MT90 enduro tire.

Pirelli has been in the business of producing rubber compounds and tires for over 130 years now, and they’re widely recognized as a “go to” name when you want some of the finest motorcycle tires money can buy. This Italian company have become experts at combining different compounds to create multi-purpose tires, with the MT90 being a perfect example of this.



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Dual Purpose Tire

Straight out of the box the first thing you need to know about the Pirelli MT90 rear tire is that it’s designed for 70% road use and 30% off-road use. You see sometimes you need a mix of the grip you get provided by off-road knobbys, combined with the kinds of compounds that don’t wear out after very little actual use.

The Scorpion represents the off-road family of tires for Pirelli, but the MT90 isn’t exactly a true off-road tire – as you might have guessed from the 70%/30% ratio we mentioned earlier. This is a slightly wider rear tire than you might be used to but will still fit most off-road bike swing arms without too much fuss.

Safe On All Surfaces

What you’re getting with this tire is a design and compound mix which provides you with enough grip for moderate/light off-road use, but a tread pattern that provides for plenty of grip on real roads, with good water dispersal properties mixed in for good measure.

The tire blocks are arranged in V pattern so you get better traction and breaking as a result, plus this tire has been designed to work in both wet and dry weather conditions. In fact the front and rear tires in this range use slightly different compounds to provide you with as much grip as possible.


Even the biggest fan of knobby tires gets fed up with having to replace them after just 1,000 miles of use – especially if you’ve been using them on actual roads instead of gravel or dirt tracks. The silica-rich compound in the Pirelli MT90 gives you a really durable tire that’s not going to go bald unless you’ve put several thousand miles on it. This tire features a steel belt radial design so it’s more than happy sitting underneath even some of the biggest enduro bikes out there. In short this is a tire you can rely on.

Confidence Inspiring

One of the nicest things we can ever say about any tire is that you feel safe when you’re riding on it, even when the bike is fully loaded. This tire is more than capable of handling a wide range of temperature variations, so is ideal for touring in even the hottest of countries, with the very worst of roads. It gives you the kind of grip that means you can just get busy enjoying the road instead of constantly having to take a different line into or out of corners because you’re fighting the lack of grip.

Pirelli MT90 – Rating

The Pirelli MT90 has been rated for speeds of up to 113mph, which should be more than enough for most fans of enduro bikes.


This tire is available in either 110/80-18 or 120/80-18 sizes.


  • An ideal multipurpose tire for the touring fan
  • Performs really well in all kinds of weather conditions
  • You’ll get a lot of mileage from this tire
  • Even under heavy loads this tire won’t leave you down
  • It’s a Pirelli…they can do no bad (almost) when it comes to tires


  • If you’re travelling 2-up on a Pirelli MT90 you can expect around 5,000 miles of wear before having to replace it
  • This isn’t a true off-road tire – in fact some people rate them as 90% road and 10% off-road. Bear that in mind before trying to do any serious off-roading.


The Pirelli Scorpion MT90 rear tire comes in at $112.15 each, which represents excellent value for money considering the kind of mileage you can expect from one.

Final Word

The MT90 comes as standard on a number of big name bikes like the Triumph Tiger 800 and Ducati Multistrada for example, which is a sign that you’re dealing with a tire you can trust. Besides,  the Pirelli MT90 tire is an ideal replacement for when you want more road grip than you could ever hope for with a knobby of any kind.

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