Review of Motorcycle Race Suits Designed Just For Women

Review of Motorcycle Race Suits Designed Just For Women

These Race Suits For Women Fill An Important Need In The Motorcylcing Community

With the increasing number of women participating in all aspects of motorcycling, it is good to see manufacturers of gear catering for women riders. All power to them.

I’ve written this short comparison article on race suits for women put out by Spidi (Poison), Dainese (Avro), REV’IT (Victory Suit), Alpinestars (Stella Anouke).



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Spidi Poison Suit vs. Dainese Avro for Women

The race suit from Spidi is especially designed for women meaning there is no male version of the product. On the other hand, the Dainese Avro two-piece suit has two separate versions for both genders. Dainese women’s Avro has all the protection you need including foam hip padding and aluminum inserts along the shoulders.

Dainese Women’s Avro suit is ideal for racers because it is derived from high speed F1 racing. Apart from a number of protective qualities of the whole suit, it also provides comfort thanks to the elastic fabric and inserts. When it comes to the appearance, both Dainese and Spidi have created attractive racing suits for women.

Both come in two pieces but Avro has the advantage over Spidi in color. This is because Spidi is only available in black and gold editions while Dainese comes in black, red and white, white, and metallic blue among others. If you are not into colorful suits, Spidi might be appropriate for your taste.

Spidi Suit vs. REV’IT Victory Suit for Women

Just like the Spidi Poison, the Victory Suit is designed to give superior protection and comfort for the wearer. This suit has a knee protector which is a brand new innovation from the manufacturer. It also contains shatterproof shin pieces that apparently promote safety.

Spidi Poison has been created to fit tightly but without limiting movement of the rider. This is also the concept behind the Victory suit for women. It includes ventilation panels, a mesh lining that can be removed, and a trouble-free entrance zipper on the calf.

Spidi Poison Suit vs. Alpinestars Stella Anouke

The Anouke is also especially designed for women just like the Poison Racing Suit from Spidi. The main difference between Anouke from Spidi as well as the other mentioned suits for women is the fact that this comes in one piece only unlike the two-piece suits above. The suit from Alpinestars can easily fit tall women over 6 feet in height.

Females with a competitive edge can race fast with the Stella Anouke suit without any problems. Since the Anouke suit has stretch panels, it easily fits the wearer while giving enough room for movement. The suit is highly reinforced particularly on the crotch, the back of the knees, and around the arms. This is designed especially for female racers and has proven protection that is rare in other brands.

What to Choose

Before you purchase a race suit, ensure that you know exactly what you need. There are different styles of suits depending upon the manufacturer of your choice.

If you choose Spidi, you will most likely have a two piece suit. If you select Alpinestars, you can have a one-piece suit. Of course, the most important part is your protection.

More often than not, one piece suits are better but if you wish to save money then you can go for two-piece suits. You have several options for race suits so make certain that your choice meets all your requirements for your racing competition.

Finally, it really does come down to your budget. It should not come as a shock to you that these race suits are not exactly the cheapest suits in the world. This is because they are made out of quality materials to ensure that you are well-protected while maintaining flexibility whilst riding.

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