5 Fantastic Motorcycle Accessories for Female Riders

No Female Motorcyclist Should be Without These

Motorcycle riding is one of America’s biggest and most popular pastimes. In the past, motorcycle riding was more male dominated, with women being stuck with providing the backseat eye candy. Well, in today’s world more and more woman are buying their own bikes and taking to the road just like any man, and these women need their own motorcycle accessories. If you are a motorcycle-riding mama and you want to know what some of the best motorcycling accessories are, here is a list of the top 5 motorcycle accessories for female riders.

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1. Helmet



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Although there is an ongoing debate about whether or not riders should be required to wear a helmet, it is a safety feature that can potentially save your life. If you want to ride safely protected by a helmet, there are a wide variety of helmet styles available that are made specifically with females tastes in mind.

2. Eye Protection

As a bike rider, you are going to definitely need eye protecting. Debris that floats through the air as you ride can seriously injure your eyes so it is best to protect them with a pair of glasses. Although some people choose basic sunglasses, if you want extra protection try a pair of glasses made of shatterproof plastic lenses.

3. Tank Bag

Think of a tank bag as a purse for your motorcycle. A tank bag easily attaches to your motorcycle and can hold all your necessities in a convenient place. A tank bag is made to stay attached to your motorcycle so you will never have to worry about losing your valuable items.

4. Jacket With Armor Protection

Every bike riding woman is going to need a heavy duty jacket made for riding, and you should try to find one that comes with protective armor. Most motorcycle jackets come with protective armor on the back and arms, and these jackets will provide superior protection from bodily injury in case of an accident.

5. Good Boots

If you want to protect your feet and maintain proper balance while riding, you are going to need to have a pair of good boots. Not only will the boots protect your feet, but they will make it easy for your feet to stay grounded on the bike. No female rider’s motorcycling ensemble is complete without the high style and durability of a good pair of riding boots.

For many years, motorcycle riding has been a fun pastime that is often associated with men, but that has all changed in recent years. Today, many woman are finding out just how exciting it is to ride a motorcycle down the open road and for this reason, many companies specialize in providing the perfect female motorcycle accessories. If you are a woman who wants to be completely protected while looking good as you cruise down the road, you will need good boots, an armor protected jacket, eye protection, a tank bag, and a helmet. Now go shopping and get on the road!

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