Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle touring can be an exhilarating vacation or past time, but you wouldn’t want to just jump on your bike and go. Here is some helpful information to plan your next motorcycle adventure tour.

No Female Motorcyclist Should be Without These

Motorcycle riding is one of America’s biggest and most popular pastimes. In the past, motorcycle riding was more male dominated, with women being stuck with providing the backseat eye candy. Well, in today’s world more and more woman are buying their own bikes and taking to the road just like any man, and these women need their own motorcycle accessories. If you are a motorcycle-riding mama and you want to know what some of the best motorcycling accessories are, here is a list of the top 5 motorcycle accessories for female riders. [click to continue…]

Discover How To Prepare Your Dual Sports Motorcycle Without Spending a Fortune on Costly Mistakes

I‘ve put together some information here that touches on the bike and associated accessories.  For information on what you need as a rider take a look at the ‘Related  Articles’ index below. [click to continue…]

How To Make Sure You’ve Got Everything You Need Before You Leave Home

Here is a suggested list to help you make sure that you’ve got all the kit and personal gear you might need.    This is to be balanced off with the foundation stone of adventure motorcycle touring where less is more. [click to continue…]

The Complete High Level Budgeting Checklist Used By All Motorcycle Travellers

Here is a checklist that will help you put together a budget for an adventure motorcycle tour.  The topics are broad and you can add your own subtopics under each one depending on your needs.  Some may not be applicable as well. [click to continue…]

“Most Battles Are Won or Lost Long Before The First Shot Is Fired”Napoleon Bonaparte

Planning and Preparation. These words define how much enjoyment you’ll get from the amazing experiences that can be had with adventure motorcycle touring.

Motorcycle Touring Preparation
One of the iconic images is of the lone motorcyclist tearing across a semi-arid plain; trail of dust slowly growing bigger in the distance before finally disappearing into the sky. It generates a profound feeling of true freedom.  That incredible feeling has its origins in two words – “planning” and “preparation”.  A modest amount of ‘P’ and ‘P’ doesn’t take the fun and spontaneity out of motorcycle riding; it actually makes it happen.  Nowhere is it more important than adventure motorcycle touring that involves crossing borders between countries. [click to continue…]