Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo 2012

Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo 2012

Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo 2012 – What Was Hot, and What Wasn’t So Hot

The Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo is growing to be one of the betterVictory Motorcycles motorcycle shows around Australia, and is held at the Broadbeach Exhibition Centre. This year the show ran from the 17th February to 19th February and featured motorcycles, scooters, some motorcycle gear and personal watercraft, or jet-skis.

All the major motorcycle manufacturers showcased their latest and greatest, which is what these shows are all about. There were a few concept motorcycles and some interesting custom machines. Victory motorcycles had their latest releases at the show, and they always attract a lot of attention.

What I did notice was the significant number of dual sports bikes that were either coming on to or recently released on the market. This style of bike is growing in popularity as they offer the best of both worlds. Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha have all got dual sports bikes around the 1200cc engine capacity.

The two traditional players in this space; BMW with the 1200GS/1200 Adventure and KTM with their 990 Adventure are clearly seen as fair game. Why not? Competition will always bring out the best in anything by giving buyers choice.

Cruisers had a huge presence. It’s a cliche but there is a model to suit everybody. Triumph’s three cylinder 2.3 liter engine’d Rocket III always takes my eye. Here in Australia they have coined the term ‘Gray Nomads’; the baby-boomers who have now got access to their retirement pensions and buy one of these large, laid back machines to go touring on.

An interesting aside was the almost complete absence of motorcycle gear. Jackets, boots, helmets and pants. One of the guys looking after a display mentioned that they don’t carry a lot of this kit anymore; as most savvy riders buy it on-line. Sign of the times.

These shows cost $20.00 per adult to get in. Some people complain, but you’ve got everything there under one roof.

This is all good, but what was not so good was the total lack of quality catering. Paying close to six bucks for a container of crappy, greasy ‘seafood’ causes more than just a case of hearburn. I have no idea what they did to make it look, smell and taste like that. Burgers were available, but when they sold out they packed up and left before the show closed it’s doors. Like WTF!

These shows are always good to go to. Only next time I’ll eat before I get too engrossed in the show.

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