Review Of The Yoshimura Slip On Exhaust Systems

Review Of The Yoshimura Slip On Exhaust Systems

They’re OK, But There Are Others That Are Much Better

Yoshimura slip-on exhausts are a solid, well made product. But they don’t produce consistent results right across the rev range like some of their competitors.

Part of each Yoshimura exhaust is still welded by hand. Yoshimura claim this personal touch is what gives these pipes an edge over the competition, and the reputation for quality is good. But what counts at the end of the day is the results on the dyno.


Running a Suzuki GSXR-1000 with a R-77 Single Slip-On showed the following results on the dyno.

The results are a significant boost in power of around 8hp around the 7,000rpm, contributing very little around 10,000rpm then boosting maximum power by about 3hp at 12,000rpm.



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Comparison with Akrapovic

Yoshimura exhaust systems are often appear quite cheap compared to other higher end brands, but there is no real compromise on quality of the manufacture of their systems.

The Yoshimura and the Akrapovic are about the same in the looks deparment. But the real difference is in the performance. Both Akropovic and Two Brothers show power improvements right across the usable rev range. Therefore, if you are willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks more you are going to get a higher performing exhaust system with the Akrapovic, but if you are thinking of getting the best performance to cost ratio, then Yoshimura would win hands down. Your call.

However, Yoshimura has put in many hours of research and development into their exhausts, and many people have experienced a fine match between these exhausts and their bikes.

If you consider the noise levels, Akrapovic exhausts are usually louder compared to Yoshimura. This is an important point to consider, depending where you will be riding your bike.


I’ve had bikes with Yoshimura systems, and they look and sound fine. But in all honesty, I’d spend my money on either a Two Brothers system or an Akrapovic. I’ll give it 2.5 out of 5.

For our review of the competitors……

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Two Brothers Slip On Exhaust

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