Here’s Why Two Brothers Slip On Exhausts Are Worth Considering

Here’s Why Two Brothers Slip On Exhausts Are Worth Considering

An After Market Exhaust Is An Easy,
Simple Upgrade When You Want Some Extra Top End Grunt

A motorcycle exhaust is the top aftermarket upgrade a rider makes after buying a motorcycle, and there’s a very good reason why. Upgraded exhaust systems increase horsepower. Two Brothers Slip On Exhaust

An after-market exhaust lightens the weight of the bike, and provides better throttle response. A slip-on exhaust will generally give a boost to peak performance of a motorcycle while a full exhaust system will provide more power across the board.

If you are seeking an after market exhaust system for your motorcycle, you worth your while to check out the Two Brothers line before making a decision. Their complete exhaust systems can increase torque, boost peak horsepower, and set your bike apart as a special ride.



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Alternatively, no matter what kind of bike you own, check out the M and C series for flange on and slip on kits for all the top models. Although the shape and material vary according to the type of bike, the quality and performance of the exhaust system seems to remain consistent across the range.

Performance Improvements

One of the most outstanding performance improvements is the brand new M-2 V.A.L.E.™ (Variable Axis Locking Exhaust) system, which features an innovative method of attaching the muffler to the exhaust tube without the use of springs or welding.

Its patented s-bend tube allows for a very solid, adjustable mount, while the cast magnesium outlet presents a great appearance. This solid mounting system contributes to the the robust performance from these systems.

Here is a dyno test run on a 2011 Suzuki GSXR-1000 fitted with a Single M-2 V.A.L.E. Slip-On Exhaust. The results are pretty clear, with a +8hp improvement almost across the entire range.

What Makes Them Stand Out From Cheaper Brands

Two Brothers are typified by high quality construction which features premium materials, exclusive technology, and top quality workmanship. Their slip on exhaust weighs less than the equivalent system produced by many other manufacturers, and it features more low-end torque.

Ease of installation is particularly noteworthy.

  • Two Brothers exhaust systems are so easy to install that some experienced owners report performing the entire installation in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Even novices report an installation time of two hours or less and they do not need to dread the prospect of a process that may be beyond their abilities.

Most owners set a high value on the appearance of a motorcycle exhaust system. The carbon fiber preferred by Two Brothers looks great on black motorcycles and has the added benefit of remaining cooler then the typical titanium or aluminum material.

This enhances safety and also promotes long life. Additionally, the high quality stainless steel exhaust pipe preserves its appearance over the long haul.

Unlike many other exhaust systems, which emit a shrill whine or a raspy sound, Two Brothers models produce a deep, more throaty sound.

They Can Be Loud

The noise level is louder than the sound produced by many other brands though. Where quieter performance may be required, the P1 PowerTip sound suppressor can be purchased as an add-on. This will reduce the noise level by 2 to 3 decibels with no adverse effect on horsepower. Installation is very simple, involving removal of the end cap and easy insertion of the PowerTip.

In the event of accidental damage, the owner can be confident that a first class, easily installed spare part will be available from the comprehensive list of parts. But for very rare exceptions, these are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Almost Everybody Is Catered For

Whether you are seeking to augment the performance of an ATV, a sport bike, a street bike or a dirt bike, you will find the right exhaust system in the Two Brothers line.

A novice will appreciate the ease of installation while a high-end user will love the sophisticated features that are designed to enhance performance, sound quality, and appearance.

Two Brothers have a huge range of aftermarket slip on exhausts available. You can select from:

  • Two Brothers BMW
  • Two Brothers Honda
  • Two Brothers Kawasaki
  • Two Brothers Suzuki
  • Two Brothers Triumph
  • Two Brothers Yamaha


Two Brothers is a name one can rely on for performance, dependability, and appearance. The patented technology and continual improvements coming from its research and development ensure that the products are top of the line when it comes to performance.

“Wow what a beautiful sound and difference. I couldn’t have picked a better product for my 250R Ninja Kawasaki. I can really be noticed when I’m on the road. Let’s people know I’m near them. Your also getting about 5% more horse power. You feel it when you accelerate. Good job.”
JumboNick – New York, NY

The robust construction gives great dependability, while in the event of an unforeseen accident a complete range of spare parts is available.

The sound quality and visual appearance can turn an ordinary, off-the-shelf bike into a sweet ride.

All this can be achieved with minimal effort on the part of the owner because of the emphasis on ease of installation. With very little effort and with a relatively low expenditure considering the quality of the product, a biker can be back on the road in no time with a customized, higher performing motorbike.

I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.

If the range of Two Brothers Slip On Exhausts are a little pricey for you even with the discount then next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse our reviews of the competitors.

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