Discover The Power of Akrapovic Slip On Exhausts

Discover The Power of Akrapovic Slip On Exhausts

Who Doesn’t Want Increased Performance, Quality and the Right Note Resonating at the Right Time…..

Voted Best Brand of Motorcycle Exhaust System by the Motorrad Magazine in Germany

Akrapovic has been a leader in cutting-edge motorcycle exhausts since shortly after their founding in 1990 by former racer Igor Akrapovic. After a decade of successful motorcycle racing, Igor applied his track experience to the manufacture and development of superior four-stroke exhaust systems.
Akrapovic Slip On
Many racing enthusiasts say, in their opinion, that Akrapovic is the best name in the motorcycle exhaust engineering industry. This did not stop other companies such as Two Brothers, Arata, Yoshimura, and Termignoni from making comparable products. These brands all feature titanium construction and carbon fiber options for an aesthetic touch.



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Benefits of a Slip-On

The great thing about Akrapovic and these competing manufacturers are slip on exhaust options that carry the research and development power of the brand, but at a fraction of the cost of a full system.

The conical-shaped exhaust has made significant improvements in racing performance and maneuverability. The slimmer design allows for more ground clearance and steeper angled leaning, giving the rider potential for faster and more aggressive cornering.

Additionally, the shape permits better flow of exhaust gases which in turn helps the overall engine performance.

Performance Improvements

Increases in performance can vary from bike to bike, but here are the results from a test run on a 2011 Suzuki GSXR-1000 fitted with a single hex slip-on. You can see that significant performance increases occur from 5000rpm right up to the top end.


Titanium alloys are used extensively in the construction of Akrapovic exhaust systems. The specific characteristics of titanium make it the perfect material for this application. With the extreme heat that is generated by the engine, the metals must be able to not only withstand the temperature but also continue to offer the same performance benefits.

In addition to being heat resistant, titanium is lighter and stronger than its steel counterpart.

The Akrapovic Company has recently added a carbon fiber division to their fold. No longer dependant on inconsistent third-party suppliers, Akrapovic decided to manufacture their own.

With carbon being eight times lighter than steel, the material is used the make a variety of lightweight components including the outer sleeve of the muffler, heat shields, clamps and brackets, and end caps for the exhaust. The versatility and use in intricate patterns and applications makes it an indispensable aspect of Akrapovic exhaust systems.

Target Market

The target market for Akrapovic exhaust systems has always been the racing circuit. They have applied a steadfast devotion to innovation and creativity that ultimately led to the creation of the street legal high-performance exhaust systems for everyday riders.

The full packages, cans, and slip on exhausts that Akrapovic produces are designed to fit every make and model with few exceptions. The conical hexagonal can is only available for the newest Suzuki’s and Kawasaki’s for example.

Akroprovic is still supported largely by the racing world, and their name adorns the cans of many championship vehicles. Akrapovic sees a great deal of success from the open market of the street bike culture.

Range Available

They have a huge range of aftermarket exhausts available. You can select from:

  • Akrapovic Aprilia
  • Akrapovic BMW
  • Akrapovic Ducati
  • Akrapovic Honda
  • Akrapovic Kawasaki
  • Akrapovic Suzuki
  • Akrapovic Triumph
  • Akrapovic Yamaha


Akrapovic have been making aftermarket exhausts for 20 years. They are not voted best brand of motorcycle exhaust repeatedly by leading European motorcycle magazines for nothing. I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.

If the range of Akrapovic Exhausts are a little pricey for you even with a 10% discount off the recommended retail price above then the next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse our reviews of the competitors

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