A Look At The Spidi H2OUT Range Of Jackets

A Look At The Spidi H2OUT Range Of Jackets

With Names Like Marathon, Ergo, Net Force and Voyager It Reads Like Characters From A Sci-Fi Animation

All jokes aside, because Spidi motorcycle jackets are some of the toughest protective motorcycle gear on the market.

If you want to jump over all this general info and you’re interested in a particular jacket in the H2OUT range and you want the best price, then don’t delay; just click here.

Spidi which was established in 1977 is synonymous with high quality, stylish protective gear. Spidi is Italian and because of their use of the latest technology, materials and functionality they are one of the most forward thinking motorcycle protective gear designers and manufacturers in the industry.

They cater to all kinds of riders – every day street rider, tourer and the racer making a range of gear that includes jackets, trousers/pants, gloves, liners and racing suits.

Most riders involved in racing circuits are very particular about the kind of gear they use and Spidi H2OUT Pants and Jackets do have a loyal following.



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Top Quality Gear

One of the reasons riders, and yes even us male riders, will forgo gear is because it lacks style and looks pretty bland. The majority of manufacturers concentrate on creating protective gear but fail to consider its fashion appeal.

However, this is becoming a thing of the past, as more and more designers are considering this factor when making their gear. Spidi is at the forefront of motorcycle protect gear design and manufacture ensuring that still keeps an eye on the fashion side of it all. When you buy Spidi H2OUT gear, you will have not only the best protection but also some sense of pride in wearing it. Spidi are Italian after all.

Prices for protective gear have evened out for the most part, which gives shoppers many options. You get a Hell of a lot more in your protective gear for your money than you used to. Three cheers for advancements in textile technology and manufacture!

Tested and Ready

All Spidi jackets have gone through extensive testing to make sure they do protect you should you get in an accident, so whichever type you choose, you are guaranteed of safety.

Conversely, marketers all over the country have spent a lot of money marketing mediocre gear, which has not undergone the right testing to make sure it meets all the needs of the rider. If you are going to invest your money in anything, make sure that it performs the way its manufacturers claim that it does.

To get a clear appreciation of the Spidi step-in clothing technology, take a look at this groovy interactive graphic. Just move your mouse over the thermometer to understand how the system works for warm, to mild to sub-zero temperatures. It makes you feel toasty and dry just looking at it, doesn’t it?

Some Specifics

At the time of writing this post the

  • Spidi Ergo 365 Pro Expedition H2OUT Jacket – The third generation of their touring jacket. This jacket is CE 13595-1 certified riding equipment and sits atop of the performance range in terms of safety, comfort and technology. With the step-in clothing system. Available in Black only – $1299.95
  • Spidi Net Force H2OUT Jacket – for hardcore touring riders. Riders can freely combine the three layers according to outside temperature and weather conditions. With the step-in clothing system available in 4 colors $599.95
  • Spidi Marathon H2OUT Jacket – The new Marathon jacket and pant combination was designed for the most extreme and adventurous journeys. The Marathon line was in fact conceived and developed for the “CAPO” humanitarian fund-raising trip which traversed the world from the North Cape of Norway to Cape Town, South Africa – from north to south of the world in all weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from -22°F (-30°C) to 122°F (+50°C). With the step-in clothing system and available in 3 colors – $599.95
  • Spidi Voyager 2 H2OUT Jacket – This hi-tech, waterproof jacket is designed for cool weather touring and dualsport riding. The Voyager 2 jacket is an extremely functional, versatile jacket. available in 3 colors – $399.95 or Hi-Viz Textile Jacket for – $444.95
  • Spidi Women’s Venture H2OUT Jacket – The Spidi Venture is a 3-layer four season textile jacket designed for touring and enduro riding. This jacket is very versatile with the step-in clothing system and it is suitable for a variety of riding conditions thanks to the waterproof H2Out removable lining and removable thermal lining with an aluminum coating for superb, yet lightweight insulation. Whether you are ready to embark on a worldwide expedition, or are a commuter who likes to be prepared for all conditions, the Venture jacket is a perfect choice. Sorry ladies available in one color only but hell it looks good – black/ice – $499.95

These prices are subject to change but are correct at the time of publishing this review.


Spidi H2OUT Gear are exceptionally well made offering protection, safety and fashion. I believe that Spidi deserves its reputation as a world leader in technical motorcycle apparel and I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Matteo De Vito from Spidi’s Marketing Department in Vincenza, Italy is active on the forum as Spidi on Track and will happily answer any questions concerning this top rate gear. His post on the forum has many close-ups of the ventilation on the various lines which you do not see on Spidi’s own site.

“I have owned 2 Spidi jackets. One of the original Net jackets Spidi made, and one of the Original H2OUT Jackets. They have been the best fitting and most comfortable jackets I’ve owned in 26 years of street riding. My Spidi H2Out 3/4 length jacket I bought about 8 or 9 years ago.

I’ve ridden well over 50,000 miles in it and it’s still my favorite all season jacket. That is saying a lot too, as I am a gear junkie and owned A LOT of jackets.
(Bone13 – advrider.com)

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