The Popular REV’IT Ladies Legacy GTX Jacket Still Looks Good

The Popular REV’IT Ladies Legacy GTX Jacket Still Looks Good

Still One of The Best Performing Multi-Season All-Weather Ladies Touring/Commuting Jackets

The search for the best motorcycle attire is endless and the REV’IT Ladies Legacy is one of the top choices.

This is a jacket for female motorcyclists but is not viewed as the smaller version of the Legacy GTX jacket for both genders. Serious touring aficionados are delighted to know that this has been redesigned to fit their needs and exceed their expectations.

I’ll also touch on two other popular women’s jackets for a quick comparison – the Spidi Venture H2OUT and the Dainese Evo-System D-Dry.



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Rev’it Ladies Legacy Jacket – Features and Best Parts

The Legacy GTX for women has the same properties as the unisex version. However, this style is more elegant and is form-fitting to complement the female body.

It has everything that women riders are searching for when it comes to jacket qualities with the addition of some elements. The comfort collar has been newly included in the construction of the attire as well as the thermal insulation to provide comfort and warmth while traveling during cold days and nights.

Ladies Legacy from REV’IT also has ProLife armor inserted at the elbows and shoulders along with waistband straps which can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit. The feminine suit has a number of protective features including the outer shell which has a Teflon coating and neoprene.

It is also waterproof, breathable, and promotes visibility with laminated material at the back, upper arms, and chest.

Protection Features

  • Outer shell:PWR shell 750D with Teflon® coating, Cordura® 1000D ribstop with Teflon® coating, PWR|wax 500D, neoprene
  • Insulation: detachable thermal liner
  • Waterproofing: GORE-TEX® Performance Shell Z-liner
  • Breathability: GORE-TEX® Performance Shell Z-liner
  • Outer shell: 100% polyamide lining: 74% polyester, 26% polyamide
  • Thermal liner: 100% polyamide (insulation 100% polyester)
  • Membrane: 100% Gore-Tex® membrane (ePTFE)
  • Protection: Prolife® ladies CE protection at shoulders and elbows, fully perforated EVA foam at back, CE prepared for Knox® Advance X CE back protector
  • Visibility: laminated reflection at chest, back and upper arms

Ergonomic Features

  • Fit: tour fit, regular
  • Adjustability: flexisnap, adjustment straps at waist and upper arms, adjustment tab at under arms, cuffs and hips
  • Ventilation: VCS I zippers at back, chest and under arms

Ladies Legacy vs. Spidi Venture H2OUT for Women

The Spidi Women’s Venture h2OUT is one of the top competitors for the best motorcycle gear for female riders. This is much cheaper than Legacy and is a jacket comprised of three layers to provide more protection no matter what the riding condition is.

It is also waterproof like the Rev’it Legacy and has a detachable thermal lining as well. The insulation is very light so whenever the wearer is ready to go on a motorcycle expedition, she will feel comfortable along the way.

The fabric of Venture jacket is made from high quality Tenax Polyamide. Just like Ladies Legacy from REV’IT, this also has CE armor placed in the elbows and the shoulders.

This outfit is resistant to high abrasion occurrences because of the Flex Tenax padding which offers more protection for important areas in the body namely the chest, shoulders, and the underarms.

The Venture jacket from Spidi has upgrade items which you can buy separately to make it more cost effective. You can add protectors for the chest and back as well as a safety light strip that improves visibility at night. Just like Ladies Legacy, this jacket supports nighttime travel along the streets.

Ladies Legacy vs. Dainese Evo System D-Dry for Women

Another competitor is the Dainese Evo D-Dry. This jacket has an attractive design and provides wider versatility which it owes to its modular construction.

It has thermal lining very similar to Ladies Legacy and a D-Dry membrane which can be removed while in hot climates. The D-Dry system supports waterproofing qualities for the jacket.

What makes the Dainese jacket unique are the removable sleeves which allow the jacket to transform into a vest. This is perfect for street rides during summer seasons.

It also has air vents to keep the wearer comfortable and feeling fresh in case riders do not like the vest look.

The composite protectors are detachable as well. It is easy to see that both Ladies Legacy and Dainese Evo-System D-Dry are inspired by rally racing. Based on rider experiences and outfits, these jackets really take the female body into consideration.

It All Comes Down To Price

Each of the three jackets are worthy items to consider. Sure, there are pros and cons to each. It just depends on how much money you want to spend.

REV’IT Legacy Jackets are around $549.99 while Spidi’s version is $499.95; which is also the same as Dainese’s price. Before you buy, inspect the highlights offered by each outfit, try it on for yourself, and make sure it meets your prerequisites. It just might be the best jacket for you.

If the range of REV’IT Ladies Legacy GTX Jacket are a little pricey for you even with the discount prices above then the next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse our words of wisdom on the Spidi Venture H2OUT


“It works great! Very well thought-out product. The jacket a bit pricy, but I think it’s worth it. It took a while for me to decide to get the jacket since there were a lot of jackets had different features, chest protections, air bag, and so on.

I also bought a SAS-TEC back protector (Size: SC-1/12), but I haven’t put it to the jacket yet. However, I definitely recommend to get a good back protection.

The zippers work really well. They don’t require one hand holding the jacket while the other pulls the zip. They’re very smooth.”

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that it is a highly versatile ladies Gore-tex jacket for adventure touring, dual-sport, competition, or commuting well worth the price.

The REV’It Ladies Legacy GTX Jacket is one of the most popular multi-season all-weather waterproof breathable ladies touring commuting jackets available. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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