A Review Of The KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket

A Review Of The KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket

This Jacket Is Made For The Serious Adventure Motorcyclist

The makers of this jacket claim it has been tested in the most challenging conditions on the planet, and it features unrivaled comfort, fit and durability. KLIM have been making good quality kit for a while, so it’s worth while taking a look at this particular jacket.

I’ll warn you up front, this gear is not cheap. If you are budget conscious I can recommend some KLIM gear that performs well and is a bit softer on the hip pocket nerve. Take a look at either the KLIM Badlands Pro jacket or the KLIM Latitude jacket.




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For unmatched durability, the KLIM adventure rally jacket is constructed mainly of Talisman and Armacor, both of which materials are highly resistant to the abrasion and tears that so often result from adventure riding in suits made of lower-end materials.

Liberal use of leather patches together with exposed Cordura® overlays and integrated armor adds greatly to the durability.

Comfort and Fit

The jacket is totally waterproof. The GORE-TEX® Pro Shell material is guaranteed to keep the rider dry in even the worst weather, and it also cuts wind.

The high quality front zipper is overlaid by storm flaps to keep out both wind and water. The moisture wicking mesh liner works with strategically placed vents to deflect any internally generated moisture away from the rider.

The harness system is very easy to get in and out of and it has several features to augment comfort, including padded shoulder straps, an adjustable kidney belt, and a pivot buckle.

The harness does such a good job of distributing the weight that even with the pockets fully loaded, the weight is not noticeable during the ride. The kidney belt keeps the jacket snug so that it does not bounce or flap in the wind.

New features increase the comfort further. Brushed fleece tricot fabric over both inside and outside the collar improves both comfort and durability.

Meanwhile, the height of the collar has been reduced a little to increase mobility. The pocket for the elbow pad has been enlarged and it can now be adjusted in position for a perfect fit.

The matching pants offer a similar level of comfort, with large, heat resistant leather patches that feel soft against the surface of the bike. The adjustable knee pads provide custom fit.

New YKK® urethane zippers are water resistant, and waterproof pads offer further protection against the elements. The waist and the pant cuffs are fully adjustable. For extra flexibility, the rear seat panels feature Armacor 3L fabric.

Safety Features

Probably the most important function of any gear is safety and protection of the rider. It is equipped with armor that is specially designed to absorb and deflect the energy from an impact.

The standard collar can be replaced by a neck brace collar. To ensure visibility to other drivers, both the jacket and the pants feature reflective piping.


Several copious pockets on the jacket provide storage for the many items a rider needs to carry. The lower pockets feature Velcro flaps that can be opened even with gloves on. For easier access, the key hook has now been moved from the lower pocket to the chest pocket.

The hydration bladder has a wide opening for ease of filling and it can be pulled inside out for thorough cleaning and drying. The bladder fits tightly into its compartment, which prevents it from flopping around. The hose is extra long and the mouthpiece is very tough. The material from which the bladder is constructed is antimicrobial.

Other KLIM Gear

Although the KLIM Adventure Rally jacket at $1299.99 and pants from $849.99 represent the top of the line, many riders will be content with other options, all of which offer the typical KLIM attention to detail. Every rider has different needs. The some alternate products well worth looking at are….

KLIM Badlands Pro Jacket

The KLIM Badlands Pro jacket at $899.99 and pants are designed for riders who want premium adventure gear at a somewhat lower price point.

As a proud winner of a 2011 ZLA Award for its innovative technology, it is superior to its competitors in many ways. Featuring sleek, durable and very comfortable materials with the GORE-TEX technology that is characteristic of KLIM gear, this outfit has received great reviews from riders.

The armor protection is comfortable and easy to adjust. The venting is more than adequate for hot days but it does not compromise the ability to keep the rider totally dry.

“Awesome jacket. Fits great. Super functional!

Recently purchased this jacket after searching high and low for a good textile jacket. I needed something versatile with built in armor that also has a lot of venting for hot days but will also keep me dry in the rain. This is THE jacket.

Excellent fit high quality piece of gear. I’ve only had it for a week but ‘broke it in’ on a 1,700 mile trip. The one thing that stood out most is how comfortable it is while riding. You almost don’t feel it on you. Very well done!”
SFrider San Fransicso CA

KLIM Latitude Jacket

Another great buy is the KLIM Latitude jacket at $559.99 which offers excellent value for money. The shell features Cordova material laminated to GORE-TEX.

The fact that the waterproofing is bonded to the shell rather than being provided by a removable layer means that the rider can take unexpected rain storms in stride.

It features integrated armor, which can be augmented by upgrades that are available for separate purchase. Adjustable waist and sleeves ensure the best fit.

Riders enjoy the sensible design and the high quality feel of the jacket, which presents a sleek appearance without the many fashion gimmicks that can detract from its appearance.

Of course these prices are subject to change but were correct at the time of publishing this review.

If you are going to skimp on motorcycle gear don’t make it on your jacket. KLIM’s reputation for quality is well deserved. Buy the best jacket you can.

If the range of KLIM are a little pricey for you then the next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse our reviews of the competitors Spidi H2Out Gear or Alpinestars Durban Jacket


You can check the feedback from various reputable motorcycle gear websites and it reinforces the verdict that it’s a good choice for riders who want nothing but the best adventure motor cycle gear. I’ll give it 5 out of 5.

Hope this KLIM jacket review has helped you. If it has please give us a thumbs up on your favorite social media spot.



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