Dainese Razon Leather Jacket Review

Dainese Razon Leather Jacket Review

Thick Cowhide Leather – Timeless Style For That Look On or Off the Bike

The Dainese Razon Leather jacket is constructed in cowhide leather.  Though the leather is thick; it is soft, pliable and resistant to abrasion and tears.   This motorcycle jacket has an excellent weight coupled with clean and structured lines.  If you are wanting lightweight protection wrapped in classic styling, this is the riding jacket for you.

A removable thermal lining and removable Dainese homologated composite protectors are available in the Mens and Women’s version of this riding jacket.  The Razon is fastened with neck and waist adjustment buttons to accommodate different body builds.

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Dainese Razon Leather Jacket Review

Structure and Design

  1. Microelastic inserts
  2. Elasticated inner fabric
  3. Fastening system built in for jacket to trouser
  4. Removable thermal liner
  5. Sanitized® jacket lining
  6. Two outside pockets and one internal pocket



At the moment you can pick one up from the following big online stores.


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$499.95 – Revzilla Online

$499.95 – Revzilla Online

$499.95 – Cycle Gear Direct


And what’s more, you’ll get

  • free ground shipping,
  • no hassle returns, and
  • price match guarantee on some orders :-)


  1. Size adjustment in the neck area (buttons, not velcro)
  2. Size adjustment in the waist area (buttons, not velcro)
  3. Chest Venting inlets


  1. Cowhide Leather offers resistance to abrasion and tears
  2. Composite protectors are certified to meet Standard EN1621.1/97

How To Check For The Right Fit

Second only to your helmet, your riding jacket may be the most important investment in motorcycle riding gear.  You will want to look for a comfortable, yet snug fit for the highest level of upper body protection.  Below is the measurement guide and the size chart for the Dainese Razon Leather Jacket.  It is very helpful to have someone else help with the measurement.

1. Chest Size – Using a measuring tape, place it beneath your armpit and measure around your chest to the fullest point.  This applies to measuring for mens and women’s jackets.

2. Sleeve length – Place your hand at your hip so that your elbow makes a ninety-degree angle.  Place the tape at the center of the back of your neck and run the tape across to your shoulder, onto your elbow and ending at your wrist.

3. Jacket Size – Use the sizing chart below to select the closest fit to your measurements.  The size on the left is measured in (cms) and the size on the right is (inches).  If a size is split, it is best to order the next size up.

Men’s Jackets

ITA/USA 42/32 44/34 46/36 48/38 50/40 52/42 54/44 56/46 58/48 60/50
Height (in) 5′ 5″ 5′ 6″ 5′ 7″ 5′ 9″ 5′ 10″ 5′ 11″ 6′ 6’1″ 6’2″ 6’3″
Sleeve (in) 22 22 23 23 23 24 24 24 25 25
Chest (in) 33 35 36 38 39 41 43 44 46 47
Waist (in) 28 30 31 33 35 36 38 40 41 43
Neck (in) 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 18

Women’s Jackets

ITA/USA 36/6 40/8 42/10 44/12 46/14 48/16 50/18 52/20
Height (in) 5′ 3″ 5’4″ 5′ 5″ 5′ 6″ 5′ 7″ 5’8″ 5’9″ 5’10”
Sleeve (in) 21 21 21 22 22 23 23 23
Chest (in) 29 31 32 34 35 37 39 41
Bust (in) 31 32 34 35 37 39 40 42
Waist (in) 23 24 26 28 29 31 32 34
Neck (in) 12 12 12 13 13 14 14 14


  • Composite protectors are certified to meet Standard EN1621.1/97
  • Removable Liner for warmer weather riding
  • Removable Composite protectors
  • Chest Vents for breathability


  • Front armpit area is a bit tighter than a usual fit
  • If you are used to sizing for Dainese race apparel, chest has a looser fit


The Dainese Razon Leather Jacket sports more of a casual cut than a race style.  With the liner in, this jacket will keep you very warm.  The chest vents will keep you comfortably cool and can be closed off when extra warmth is needed.  This classic style of leather jacket looks good on or off your bike.  The fit can vary up to a size with or without the liner in.  The Dainese Razon looks great on any type of ride.  This jacket has excellent construction and attention to detail and is sure to last you for decades of riding.

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If you are from another country the U.S.A. supplier will ship overseas on orders for more than $300 but unfortunately not with free shipping.

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