BILT Motorcycle Jackets and Pants for Female Riders

BILT Motorcycle Jackets and Pants for Female Riders

BILT Motorcycle Jackets and Pants for Female Riders

Motorcycling has a reputation for being a somewhat male activity, but the fact is this simply isn’t true anymore, if it ever was. Women riders are seeing more and more representation at events like rallies and you’re as likely to see couples with separate motorcycles as you are to see them on the same bike. Motorcycling is also becoming a true family activity, including men and women of all ages, from off-roading to track racing and everything in between.

It’s a bit strange then that motorcycle gear aimed specifically at women riders is relatively scarce. This isn’t a problem of aesthetics only either. Safety gear should be comfortable and fit well in order to provide optimal protection and encourage people to actually wear it.

Luckily, BiLT has a range of accessories aimed at female bikers that covers both the looks and functionality departments.



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Obviously beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but few people would say that BiLT’s range is unattractive. It’s right on par with products designed for male riders. Although the expected pink hues are present in the range, there’s usually a number of alternate options such as grey or purple.

BiLT has essentially ensured that their apparel won’t look out of place at a rally or breakfast run, but still comfortably fit and flatter the female form. The range is also complete, from helmets to boots, BiLT has something in every category for female riders.

Upper Body Apparel

BiLT has a women’s jacket for every part of the motorcycling universe. From fetching modern leather jackets to the classically styled Harlow motorcycle leathers BiLT has them. There are also quite a few weatherproofed options, such as the Frogg Toggs rain jacket. Whether you are a superbike enthusiast, a cruiser junkie or some sort of off-roader there is at least one style of jacket from BiLT that will look the part.

We like the small details BiLT has put into these products. For example, the Grace leather jacket has rose embroidery that’s not apparent from the product shots, it’s a nice touch to a modern and stylish garment. The jackets are also well armoured, generally have removable insulation and include many practical features for their respective price segments.

The Mistral is a notable, all-rounder jacket with bold colouring (unless you pick the grey one) and lots of practical considerations in terms of removable insulation, weather-proofing and a fair number of pockets.

For female riders fit and comfort are a big issue, male jackets simply don’t fit their shape well. BiLT’s jackets have stretch panels, strapping and velcro adjustment tabs to make sure you don’t feel loose or tight in the wrong places.

Lower Body Apparel

The lower body is where some of the biggest gender differences come into play. Wider hips, tighter crotch areas and different proportions make it crucial that riding pants fit well. Many people don’t bother and simply wear jeans, but in the event of a crash or other unplanned meeting of road and posterior you’ll wish you were wearing more than some denims. Good riding pants are also essential to comfortable riding, if they aren’t right you’ll regret it as the miles roll on.

As with their jackets, BiLT has a selection of pants designed specifically for female riders that fill every niche of biking. From sportsbike riding to motocross, you’ll find matching bottoms for every jacket type. Even if you must have denims, BiLT has you covered with their Iron Worker’s riding denims.

The colour selection on offer when it comes to their pants isn’t nearly as varied, coming in varying cuts of black with the odd colour accent here and there. There’s a matching pair of Mistral pants to go with the jacket as well as modern leathers, Frogg Toggs and even cargo pants.

Helmets, Boots and Gloves

It’s worth saying a little bit about BiLT’s other products as well, since they make everything you’d need to gear up for a two-wheeled outing.

Believe it or not, men do have bigger heads than women in general, so BiLT has full face, open face and motocross helmets designed specifically for female riders. These helmets are well prices, meet or exceed DOT standards and are have injection molded polycarbonate shells. They have tasteful, modern graphics and honestly, there’s nothing to choose between the male and female range from BiLT in this regard.

Boots and gloves finish out the selection, and these are just as nice as anything the boys have. Once again we have quite a few pink items, but there are usually alternative if that isn’t your thing.


Overall BiLT have put together a great range of women’s apparel with no compromises on styling or quality when matched price for price. This is especially welcome given that the fairer half of biking are treated as an afterthought by some manufacturers who end up putting less thought into those products.

BiLT has demonstrated that it takes its whole catalogue seriously and we think the range of prices are also quite fair. Whether gearing up yourself or a family member, these products represent a good investment in safety that are also easy on the eye.

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