Alpinestars Durban Jacket – It’s Made For All Seasons

Alpinestars Durban Jacket – It’s Made For All Seasons

“It Costs More Than Most, But You Get Much More Than The Rest”

This is one of Alpinestars’ Alpinestars Durban Jackettop of the range touring jackets.

It’s not cheap, but it does come with a lot of features that make it ideally suited for long distance touring.  It is both a stylish and a very practical jacket. Motorcyclists whose riding is predominantly touring have higher expectations from their gear.

Extremes in weather are almost a given when on tour. Alpinestars have developed the Durban touring gear with this in mind.



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$799.95 – Revzilla Online


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The jacket consists of two layers.  The outer layer of the jacket itself is fabric, and is reinforced with Superfabric® technology. This is an advanced process that transforms ordinary fabrics into a unique, highly protective material and is five times more abrasion resistant than leather with less than half the weight.

The outer fabric is treated with a water-repellent finish.  It appears to do the job quite well from experiences of riders who have used the jacket on longer rides.

There are the usual CE compliant armor inserts at the elbow and shoulder with articulated elbow construction.  It is possible to add further protective padding in chest and back pad compartments on the jacket.  These inserts are available as an accessory upgrade.

The jacket is fitted with several pockets, with two waterproof external pockets on the front of the jacket.

One of the interesting features of this jacket is the ability to remove the sleeves to transform it into a vest.  There is a compartment to fit a hydration bladder; or to fit a substantial back protector.

The inner layer is made of a double layer Gore-Tex Paclite liner micro-fleece inserts and this layer provides the final waterproofing for the jacket.  This inner liner is removable.


When the temperature on the road starts to climb, there’s the need to get air in and around the upper body to keep cool.  The Durban jacket is caters for this very well, with generous zippered air intakes and exhausts on the sleeves, chest and shoulders which allow for a reasonable flow of air.

Zippers are the points on any motorcycle gear where water will get through. Do bear in mind that this jacket is only fully waterproof when the Gore-Tex inner layer is fitted!


The styling of the jacket is close fitting; which means care should be taken in choosing your size.

Comfortable motorcycle touring is about clothing layers; and while the jacket is quite good down to lower temperatures, there is always the circumstance where an additional warm garment is necessary under the jacket.

A set of good microfiber wool thermal garments wouldn’t go astray if venturing into colder climates; simply because they offer additional warmth without adding a lot of bulk.


The overall appearance of the Durban Jacket is that it means business.  It looks and feels great on; and certainly sets you apart from the rest of the pack.


The Alpinestars Durban jacket will gain a reputation as being one of the better adventure touring jackets on the market.

If added to your touring gear arsenal, its quality will no doubt see many years of use without complaint.  This jacket can be teamed up with Durban pants and boots to form a full riding system that will outclass almost anything that any other manufacturer can put on offer.  The jacket comes fitted with an internal waist connection zipper for easy attachment to the riding pants.

If you were contemplating a serious motorcycle ride spanning countries and continents then this is the sort of gear you’d have to take time to check out further.  Yes, it’s expensive; but when you’re on the road for weeks or maybe even months at a time crossing time zones and borders; the last thing you need is cheap gear that doesn’t perform up to expectations.

I’m rating it 4.7 stars out of 5.  I hope you found this Alpinestars Durban jacket review useful. If you did you can give us the thumbs up on your favorite social media spot.

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