Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket Is Race-Track Ready

Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket Is Race-Track Ready

Alpinestars are one of the older clothing companies in the motorcycle game with a company history dating back to 1963, before motorcycle and racing became really fashionable. The company still maintains its headquarters in Asolo in Italy today, where the company founder Sante Mazzarolo first went into business. Alpinestars as a company is actually named after the Stella Apina, a flower which grows in the mountains nearby.

As a company Alpinestars originally manufactured boots but then moved into the production of an entire range of protective motorcycle clothing, including the Celer leather jacket we’re going to review today.

Race-fit Jacket

This is a truly race-fit jacket so unless that’s high on your shopping list then you might need to choose another jacket instead. If you’re not sure what a race-fit jacket is it just means this jacket has features like pre-contoured sleeves, and a perforated aerodynamic back hump for example. Basically this isn’t going to be the most practical jacket to wear going out for beers with your friends but it’s ideal for racing or track days instead.

The jacket itself is made from 1.3mm leather and is the only race-fit jacket in the Alpinestars range which features their DFC airflow control system. Another aspect of the Celer jacket is that because it’s a race-fit leather jacket it has a 360-degree zip on the waist, making attaching a pair of matching leather race jeans very easy.



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Built For Comfort

Believe it or not when it comes to a jacket suitable for blasting around a track or closed road comfort is almost as important as the safety features of the jacket. That’s why the Celer features the DFC (Dynamic Flow Control) system to keep the rider cool – served by the air vents in the shoulders of the jacket.

The inner mesh lining of the jacket also means it breathes pretty easily, so you won’t wind up doing laps in a pool of your own sweat. There’s nothing worse than feeling that first trickle of sweat snake down from your back to someplace far less comfortable. This jacket also features stretch panels along the entire length of each arm, plus it also has elasticized panels at the elbow; all of this adding up to you having far more arm movement than you’d find in other jackets of this type.

The dropped tail at the back of the Celer means you get a neat fit with race jeans but it also means you can wear this jacket in comfort with normal jeans if you’re just going out for a spin on roads near you – you won’t have to worry about that draft freezing your kidneys solid.

Plenty of Armor

It’s a sad fact of life but racing around on 2-wheels means that you need to protect yourself against those almost inevitable road rash incidents. The Alpinestars Celer has plenty of armor to help keep you intact, with CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows and PE padding providing chest and back protection. You can snap out the existing PE foam padding though and replace it with the Alpinestars bionic chest or back protector systems if you want.

Another nice touch are the external TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) shoulder sliders, so if you do actually come off your bike that your shoulder isn’t going to snag on the road surface – you’ll just do a shoulder slide instead. We’re surprised that we don’t see these on more jackets because they’re a key safety feature.

Stylish & Functional

You probably don’t need to be told this but Alpinestars jackets always look good, and the variety of color schemes available in the Celer range makes this jacket a particularly popular choice with riders who don’t want the usual black or black/grey color choices. You’re also provided with internal and external pockets for any smaller items you need to carry around, making this jacket a good choice for those short casual blasts or trips to the store.

Be Seen

Alpinestars have obviously figured out that bikers are going to use this jacket both on and off the track so you have some reflectivity across the chest, arms and back to keep you visible, and for when cagers aren’t paying attention. You do also have the option of buying this jacket in a black, white and fluorescent yellow finish for additional visibility.

Color Choices

The Alpinestars Celer comes in the following colors:

  •  Black
  •  Black and white
  •  Black, white and red
  •  Black, white and fluorescent yellow

Available Sizes

The Alpinestars Celer is available in sizes 48 to 64.


  • Very comfortable to wear thanks to the stretch panels
  • DFC system makes this jacket cool to wear on even the hottest days
  • TPU shoulder sliders are a nice touch
  • 360-degree zip for a matching race jeans
  • Pretty much a perfect jacket for a track day


  • A jacket costing almost $600 is pushing most people’s budgets
  • The pockets have Velcro instead of zippers


What you’re getting with the Alpinestars Celer is an extremely stylish, comfortable and capable race-fit jacket which has pretty much all the features you need from a jacket of this type. You’re paying a premium for owning a Celer, but we feel overall this is a jacket worthy of its price tag.

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