The Shoei Multitec Helmet Still Holds Its Own

The Shoei Multitec Helmet Still Holds Its Own

It’s Been Around For A While Now, But It’s Still Worth Considering For Comfort and Safety

For comfort, safety and high performance in a modular design you Shoei Multitec Helmet should take a look at the Shoei Multitec motorcycle helmet. So let’s recap the various features that made this helmet a revolutionary product when it first hit the market.

Before the days of modular or flip-up helmets we’d have to choose between an open-face helmet or the full face motorcycle helmet. The full face variety is the more popular choice, because these helmets are usually designed to reduce turbulence and noise and offer an advantage in the safety stakes.

However, full face helmets can be uncomfortable, especially during hot days or slow riding. And if you wear prescription glasses and in a moment of forgetfulness attempt to take a full face helmet off before removing your glasses….. Not a good look.



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Construction, Design, and Shape

The Shoei Multitec is highly practical in design. For instance, it features a single button release that can be opened by one hand. This feature is ideal for traffic patrols, ferry crossings, and other brief stops.

Also, the design of the helmet allows riders to communicate while they are on the go. The helmet allows easy fitting of various after market rider to rider communications products.

This communication feature combined with high noise reduction makes the Multitec a practical helmet. There is also an interior slot that is specifically designed for glasses wearers, providing a snug and comfortable fit for any rider.

The integrated shell is made from sculpted fiber glass and it is a step up in design. The innovative shape creates an efficient aerodynamic system that significantly reduces wind drag and noise.

Motorcycle riders have always sought helmets that offer maximum noise reduction, combined with comfort and safety, the Multitec helmet seems to make the grade.

Style and Color

The helmet is aesthetically quite pleasing. The matte finish in black giving a harder and stylish edge.

You can choose between a variety of 11 block color schemes that appeal to riders that enjoy the touring environment. Shoei don’t offer graphics with this helmet, which is a pity.

Also, the finish is scratch resistant which improves the life span of the helmet, as well as the look for many miles of touring to come.

Air flow and Ventilation

An air scoop guarantees maximum air intake and redirects the air across the face of the rider, which minimizes both fogging and turbulence.

The face shield on this helmet offers 100% protection from ultra-violet light. Also, the three dimensional design of the face shield ensures optimum visibility for the rider. The face shield can be easily removed to be cleaned or replaced.

Safety features

The Multitec is completely compliant with DOT standards so riders can be confident that safety is covered. They can then concentrate on other practical issues such as comfort and design.

It is generally hard to find a helmet that combines comfort and safety. Fortunately, Shoei strives to make their helmets offer optimum performance, comfort, and safety.


Shoei gives five years of warranty from the purchase date, or seven years from the date of manufacture. This way, riders are protected from possible defects on the helmet.


Being a tri-focal prescription glasses wearer, I was dreading wearing a helmet. WOW was I impressed with how my glasses set on my face without movement and stayed in the helmet grove designed for glasses wearers. We wore our helmets up to 6 hours continuously without taking them off. This helmet is so comfortable that time was of no issue. The fact that it was quiet as well, just say this….. I am so totally impressed with the whole helmet….. Thank you Shoei! Job well done! Ronandeb on Revzilla

Users of the Shoei Multitec helmet can be fully confident that the motorcycle helmet is a balanced approach to style, safety, performance, comfort, and practicality.

It is the best value for money on the motorcycle helmet market. The Multitec is perfect for the rider looking for a comfortable touring experience, while not compromising safety.

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