Shark Vision-R Helmet – Full Face Safety With Open Face Freedom

Shark Vision-R Helmet – Full Face Safety With Open Face Freedom

Gives You One Of the Largest Eye-port and Angle of View Of Any Full-Face Helmet Available Today

An Apparent 25% Taller and 10% Wider Field of View

The Shark Vision-R helmet has revolutionized the field of view for motorcyclists. The aperture is supposed to be at par with an open-faced helmet, which enables the rider to have the widest angle of vision currently possible in a helmet.

Although, your field of vision may not be completely equal to an open helmet, it still provides a much better peripheral vision and a sense of freedom.



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Large Field of Vision

Aptly called the Vision-R, for bigger vision aperture, the helmet provides a dramatic improvement in the field of vision compared to other helmets. The rider’s vision range improves 25% vertically, as well as 10% horizontally, which makes it easy to see all that is going on around you.

Noise Level

The plush inner padding, and solid seal of the visor, minimizes noise to quite an extent. The padding also improves the comfort and safety levels, and the whole lining is removable, which is another distinct advantage.


The internal drop-down visor has the right level of tint to protect you from sun glare, and the auto seal is quite effective in preventing drafts and rain. The tight seal also works towards lowering the noise, and a convenient catch pops open a small space for the air to circulate, and prevent fogging.

Construction and Weight

The helmet has a solid fiber construction that conforms to the latest safety standards. The helmet looks quite imposing, and you might take it to be quite heavy, but it is not the case as the smaller model weighs about a 1.395 kgs (3 lbs).

Fit and Clasp

It is available in two sizes and provides quite a firm fit. The design of the helmet prevents any kind of lift at high speeds, and that reduces quite a bit of strain on the neck and shoulders of the rider.

The mechanism of the chinstrap is simple seatbelt style, which is quick to release, and securely adjusts at the time of fastening.


  • Excellent visibility coupled with enhanced peripheral vision. The border can hardly be seen at the periphery.
  • Increased field of vision, decreases movement of head while driving, and offers better maneuverability in tough spots.
  • Excellent noise reduction features, with the tight seal of the visor, and heavy internal padding.
  • The sun visor is internal, and retracts conveniently without being obstructed by hair.
  • Dropping the visor, it is hermetically sealed, preventing high drafts and rain from entering.
  • De-fogging lever is quite easy to manipulate for opening a small space in the visor.
  • Internal padding is removable and can be fitted back with push clips. This is better than Velcro as it fits back in the same place.
  • Riders using glasses can remove padding near the temples for relieving the pressure from spectacle arms.
  • Fits snugly and yet it is quite comfortable, as there are no pressure points.
  • The quality of all components is quite good, and the company offers an extended warranty period.


Although the Shark Vision-R helmet has many plus points, it is not without certain flaws.

  • Due to the wide aperture, the helmet looks quite imposing. It can appear a little bit too big for the head, particularly if you compare the size with other helmets.
  • As the aperture is higher than usual, you will get direct glare on a sunny day.
  • The outer mechanisms and levers are not glove friendly, and you might have to fumble around a bit when you have your gloves on.


This Shark helmet is good value for money, especially when you value more visibility, and peripheral vision while riding.

The company could have done better if there were more sizes available, so that all people could experience a better fit. However, if present available sizes are comfortable for your head, then this is one of the best helmets available in the market today.

Presently you can snap yourself up a total bargain because it is discounted to $349.95 for block colors, slightly more for graphics at the time of writing.


The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that it is a comfortable light helmet with a superb field of vision for adventure touring, dual-sport, competition, or commuting and is great value for money. We’ll give it 4.7 out of 5.

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