SHARK Evoline 3 Helmets – Innovation Continues

SHARK Evoline 3 Helmets – Innovation Continues

Review of: SHARK Evoline 3 Helmets
$429.95 for block colors, more for graphics

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On October 24, 2014


Pros: 200 grams lighter than previous models, improved venting.

Cons: Tighter fit than previous Evoline Series helmets, shape change can cause pressure points. Double check your sizing!

Innovative Design, Comfort and Protection Makes SHARK One of the Best Investments in Motorcycle Gear

Open-Faced or Full-Faced with Modular Integration

SHARK constantly evolves and reinvents their line of helmets and could not be more proof-positive than the release of the SHARK Evoline 3 Helmet series.  Founded by professional racers over two decades ago, the French SHARK company continually strives to improve the company goal of safety and performance for all classes of motorcycle racing.  This Shark Evoline 3 helmet review takes a look at this latest innovative product.

The Evoline 3 is a modular helmet for use in open face or full face mode when riding.  In addition to styling design changes, SHARK has improved the comfort, venting, functionality and weight of the helmet.

 Structure and Design

  1. The SHARK Evoline 3 Helmet is constructed from the RSR2 Lexan Polycarbonate Shell.
  2. The weight of the helmet is 200 grams lighter than previous models of the Evoline Series.
  3. The helmet shape evolved from a circular shape to an oval shape for a more natural fit for the shape of the head.
  4. The Evoline 3T “Auto-Up” system moves the chin bar and main shield in tandem. This allows for improved visibility and the ease of movement for use with one hand.
  5. A drop down sun shield has been integrated into the helmet.


  1. The SHARK Evoline 3T motorcycle helmet is SHARKtooth ready and also allows for insert removal for any other after-market communications systems.  Note:  The Sharktooth system is not included with helmet purchase.
  2. An easy-fit system has been designed for comfortable use with eyewear.
  3. The main comfort liner has been upgraded with a premium wicking microfiber.
  4. Cutaways and vents have been restyled providing more air circulation and sweat evaporation.


  1. Shark Helmets are DOT certified for use in the United States.
  2. The Shark Evoline 3 Series exceeds the ECE 22.05 Standards for helmet safety.
  3. This helmet is ECE 22.05 approved with the chinbar in the open position and the closed position.
  4. There is additional light reflectivity on the bottom of the neck roll.
  5. The Sun visor is crafted from anti-scratch and anti-fogging material.


  • The weight of this modular helmet is 200 grams lighter than previous models and well-balanced.
  • The sun visor is integrated into the helmet, can be removed completely if desired and slides lower than on many helmets.
  • The chin bar sets snugly in the full-up position for a low-profile, tight seal against the helmet.
  • Face shield and chin bar can be slid up and back together in one motion using only one hand.
  • Many of the snaps have their own tabs, alleviating those pressure points.


  • There is some limited range of vision in comparison to an open-faced lid.
  • Some of the design changes create pressure and tightness on the cheeks and forehead.
  • Sizing has changed compared to previous models of this series.  Be sure to check the size chart.
  • The noise level is quite noticeable at higher speeds.


The SHARK Evoline 3 helmet is a lighter and more efficient upgrade from the previous Evoline products.  This helmet was designed with comfort and innovation in mind.  As always, SHARK continues with their dedication to rider safety.

This modular helmet is perfect for riders in a variety of environmental conditions.  Integration of a sun visor into the helmet and the “Auto-Up” system allows for easy one-handed transitions to slide the visor down or slide the chinbar and face shield into the “up” position.

The venting has been improved for air circulation and the upgraded lining utilizes a wicking microfiber for improved sweat evaporation.  Many pad improvements have been integrated for ease of use and comfort for riders using communications systems or donning eyewear.

Prices for the Evoline 3 Series start at $429.95 for solid colors and slightly more for graphics.

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