Safety First With The Shark Evoline 2 ST Moovit Lumi Helmet

Safety First With The Shark Evoline 2 ST Moovit Lumi Helmet

Shark Evoline 2 – The Flip Up Helmet That Actually Glows In The Dark

Being Visible – The Cornerstone of Motorcycle Safety

The Shark Evoline 2 ST Moovit Lumi helmets are a discontinued line.

UPDATE!: Check out our review of the latest Shark Evoline 3 series helmets.

Structure, Design, and Style

The ST acronym in the helmet’s title stands for “Sharktooth,” indicating the presence of a pre-integrated Shark Bluetooth communicator. To accommodate compatibility with the Bluetooth system, there is a cutout on the back side of the helmet for the battery and there are removable sections of lining at the ears for speakers should you opt to install the system.

The durable shell exterior is made of an injected thermoplastic resin composite. Stainless steel closure components are strong as well as weather and wear resistant. It does have a more rounded head shape for a decently (although not extremely) aerodynamic structure.

It is also fairly heavy as compared to other helmets because it has so many supplementary elements for added functionality. This helmet is available in all of Shark’s basic color options including black, silver, white, and wine. All-new markings and a series 2 distinctive logo have also been added.



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Pads and Lining

Removable liners from the cheek pads have a great feature for those who wear glasses or like to wear sunglasses while riding.

The portion of each liner that sits at your temple is made of softer density foam than the rest of the lining so that inserting the arms of glasses or sunglasses will not create any uncomfortable pressure points.

Plush interior padding makes for a comfortable ride for both short and long distances. The neck and side padding covers have gained an additional centimeter on the previous models to improve weather protection and noise reduction.

The removable liners at the ears for the Bluetooth speaker option reduce wind resistance when speakers are not present, while the inset designated speaker area ensures comfort and consistent wind resistance with the speakers in place.


Shark’s Evoline 2 helmets are known for their open-to-closed transformation versatility. They can be worn comfortably in several opened or closed positions according to your preferences or changing weather conditions.

This particular helmet features several movable pieces which will allow you to further customize your level of comfort in a variety of conditions. Very basic chin and chimney vents are easily opened and closed, even when wearing gloves.

Shark went super straightforward with the vents due to the addition of so many other ways to open up this helmet. Do not let the seemingly basic ventilation fool you. The device was clearly designed with overall optimal internal air flow in mind for both comfort and minimal wind resistance and noise.

All of the external movable components can be easily opened up using only one hand. You can fold the chin bar all the way to the back of the helmet so that it sits at a low, more aerodynamic position than those where the chin bar locks high into place higher on the helmet.

There are also nine fully-sealed windscreen positions and a lengthened retractable sun visor (as compared to the previous model’s two positions and complaint-laden shorter visor). Both the windscreen and visor are scratch-resistant.

Safety Features

The real safety appeal of this helmet is its ability to glow in the dark. The whitish lines that you will see covering the helmet appear to be just another part of the design pattern at first glance.

They actually absorb light for re-emission at night or in adverse weather conditions. This acts for the motorist similarly to reflectors on the spokes of a bicycle. It increases others’ visibility and awareness of you as a motorcyclist in low-light settings.

An internal variable density shock-absorber and better sealing against wind and rain than the previous Evoline models increase the wearer’s comfort and visibility.

A racing-approved heavy-duty double D-ring chin strap is included as well as an extra safety measure.
Basically, here is what you can expect to find on the helmet:

  • 4 popular colors
  • Airtight and watertight sealing
  • Better scratch resistance on all screens
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Internal shock absorption and ventilation
  • Less wind noise
  • New markings and logo
  • One-handed multi-position open and closed options
  • Removable, washable, adjustable interior
  • Self-illumination
  • Street-legal Department of Transportation and ECE 22-05 industry standards
  • Tough thermoplastic resin exterior
  • Upgraded 9-position ratchet system windscreen
  • Upgraded tinted sun visor


Shark, like all established motorcycle helmet manufacturers, offer a five (5) year warranty on their helmets, which is about the life of a helmet.

Best Price

The Shark Evoline 2 Moovit Lumi for the time being discounted 10% from $499.95 to $449.95 and available in glow in the dark matte/black/luminescent.  NB. Available now at a closeout price of $329.99.
If you want a non-lumi block colour these are available at $404.95.


Shark have a pretty solid reputation in the helmet market. The Shark Evoline 2 series of helmets are very popular modular helmets because they are the only modular helmet on the market with a flip-up chin bar that goes all the way over the back of the helmet for true full-face or open-face functionality.

It is a well made helmet that has both versatility and safety; and I’d rate it 4.8 out of 5. Sure, it is a little heavier than most because of the added functionality built into it, but it isn’t the heaviest helmet I’ve ever encountered. Generally, it is a damn good mid to long distance touring helmet, and you could spend a lot more money and not feel any better for the effort.

Please note that the Bluetooth kit is NOT included in the prices above. You’ll need to purchase that as a separate item and it will set you back about $200.

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