The Schuberth C3W is Worth Considering by the Serious Female Rider

The Schuberth C3W is Worth Considering by the Serious Female Rider

Schuberth’s Latest Effort Does Seem To Be One Of The Better Flip-Up Helmets Designed Exclusively For Women

The Schuberth C3W Pro helmet is the latest alternate version of the incredibly quiet and compact C3 helmet popular with many motorcycle riders.

What makes C3W Pro different is that is engineered specifically for women, with the additional features going far beyond the simple colors and graphics.

There are a few drawbacks to the helmet, however, and the typical price is around $769. Nevertheless, the comfort and safety of the design will generally make this helmet well worth the price.

What Makes The Schuberth C3W Pro Ideal For Women?



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A comfortable fit is one of the most important aspects of helmet selection, and many standard helmets suitable for men are both uncomfortable and awkward when worn by women.

Even the scaled-down versions tend to be loose and clunky when donned by a woman, which can make them unsafe as well as unwieldy. Schuberth, however, designed the C3W helmet specifically with women in mind, incorporating unique features to accommodate the smaller head size and narrower facial features to create a snug and comfortable fit.


The specific features that make the C3W ideal for women include:

  • The memory foam cheekpads create a secure fit for narrower facial structure of women
    Jersey cotton Hypoallergenic padding and lining is easy to clean and will not irritate sensitive skin
  • The Easy Change Visor system makes it easy to change between clear and sun visors
  • Superior ventilation features include chin and visor vents, as well as variable pad alignments to allow as much as 7 liters of air per second into the helmet
  • The lightweight construction eases the tension placed on the neck and shoulders
  • The helmet remains stable because of the distortion-free chinguard, even at high speeds.
  • An SRC Bluetooth System can be purchased as an addition, which can be integrated into the collar to act as both a motorcycle communications system and an FM radio. This system will cost around $400, however.
  • The Schuberth C3W even has a little extra room at the top to accommodate women who wear their hair in a ponytail.
  • Like the C3 for men, the C3W is also designed with the Anti-Roll Off System to prevent the helmet for pivoting off from behind, as well as a micro-lock ratchet chin strap to eliminate drag. The small tilt angle has the added advantage of reducing the risk of the helmet hitting the chin or neck, making it once of the safest helmets on the market.

What Are The Drawbacks?

While the Schuberth C3W remains the recipient of numerous stellar ratings, there are a few complaints that have been noted with the helmet.

While most of these complaints relate to specific situations, riders should be aware of them just in case a particular situation is relevant to them. The list of complaints include:

  • Lack of channels in the padding to accommodate riders who wear glasses, which can make the helmet impractical for some riders
  • The helmet sizes may not perfectly accommodate women who fall in-between sizes. This can amount to a less-than-perfect fit, thus making the helmet either too tight or too loose
  • The extra room for the ponytail means that there is less padding on the top, which can make them uncomfortable for women who do not pull their hair back.

The positives of this Schuberth helmet far outweigh the negatives as far as most opinions are concerned, which has made this helmet one of the most popular motorcycle accessories for women riders in both the US and Europe.

The more compact design allows for the smaller head size of women to create a snug, comfortable fit, while the hypoallergenic padding and lining is both easy to clean and ideal for sensitive skin.

Colors are also limited to black, silver, and pearl, which may or may not be considered a drawback, depending on personal tastes and opinions.

If the Schuberth C3W is a little pricey for you then the next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse the

Shoei Neotec Helmet priced from $584.09 or
Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet priced from $404.95


Schuberth offer a five (5) year warranty.  What is well worthwhile considering for the C3 and C3W is the Schuberth Mobility Program.

All Schuberth customers in U.S.A. and Canada who have purchased a new Schuberth DOT compliant helmet (models: C3 and C3W only) as the first owner from an authorized Schuberth dealer and registered it can take part in the Program.

This comes into play if you have an accident within 3 years of purchasing your Schuberth helmet.  The offer is good within one year of an accident for customers who have pre-registered for the Mobility Program.

The Schuberth Mobility Program is a free program that offers the customer the opportunity to replace a damaged helmet with a new one of the same model for 1/3 of the current retail price within one year of the crash.


“Love this helmet!!

I’ve only been wearing it now for a few weeks but I cannot believe how light and compact this Schuberth C3W is.

It is so great not to feel all that weight pushing my head forward when I’m riding my CBR. The small size gives me so much better range of motion when turning my head. I also love the flip-down sun visor! All around a great product even with the steep price.”

(Alice, Philadelphia, PA)

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that this is the ultimate flip-up helmet for women given how quiet, compact and light it is perfect for adventure touring, dual-sport, competition, or commuting and worth the price.

I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5.

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