Let’s Take a Look at the Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet

Let’s Take a Look at the Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet

It’s An All Round Nice Helmet – Nothing More, Nothing Less

The Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet would be a bargain at twice the price. C3 Pro takes the original C3 to a higher level of quality.  The C3 was already one of the best designed and engineered helmets on the market from a company that has been setting the standard for quality for over 70 years.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review

This lid is ECE and DOT certified for rider safety.  Aerodynamic styling was improved over the C3 with extensive wind-tunnel testing at speeds over 100mph.  This testing resulted in upward lift that is almost non-existent and a directionally stable helmet at high speeds.  Let’s get on to our Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review and examine some of the other great features of this motorcycle helmet.

Structure and Design:



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  1. Wind deflection of the rear spoiler and acoustics design makes helmet even more quiet than the C3
  2. Spoiler is integrated into the helmet shell
  3. Non-existent wind buffeting and directional stability even at higher speeds
  4. Helmet shell with fiberglass and resin providing sturdy shell design with a low weight
  5. Helmet designed for normal and sport rides and styled for a more universal fit
  6. Virtually no upward lift
  7. Improved quality of the integrated sun visor
  8. Inner sound level reduced by 2db(A) at 60mph to 82db(A)over the C3 model
  9. Ratchet lock chin strap as opposed to ring closure
  10. Two helmet shell sizes available
  11. Integrated with two antennas for the SRC(communication system) or Bluetooth or radio- Note**: The communication system is not included with the helmet
  12. Improved EPS(Expanded Polystyrene) channeling for increased radio range
  13. Visor mechanism can be changed without tools

Schubert C3 Pro Helmet Review

  1. Multi-staged head ventilation input
  2. Supply of fresh air circulation is increased by up to 60% over the Schubert C3
  3. Chin vent for targeted distribution of the incoming air in the helmet
  4. Visor vents
  5. Fewer interior seams for increased comfort
  6. Removable COOLMAX® inner pad system can be laundered
  7. Removable cheek pads and headband pads
  8. Liner is antibacterial and allergen-free
  9. Adjustable liner for summer/winter riding


  1. (AROS) Anti-Roll-Off-System keeps helmet from pivoting off rear of the rider’s head
  2. Possible chest contact from the helmet in an accident is greatly reduced
  3. DOT and ECE certified safety ratings
  4. Reflective panels on neckroll
  5. Multi-zone foaming for improved shock absorption
  6. Fog-resistant faceshield
  7. EPS channels designed to distribute force more evenly in the event of impact
  8. Ergonomic neck pads aid in noise reduction


  • DOT and ECE certified – superior safety
  • Available in 4 colors, six helmet sizes and two shell sizes
  • Reduction in the noise level over the C3 model makes this one of the quietest helmets available
  • Directional stability and virtually no wind buffeting or upward lift
  • AROS system designed so that this lid cannot come off from the rear of the head
  • Improved channeling design on the interior to maximize shock absorption in an impact
  • Improved Bluetooth® and radio range
  • Sturdy construction without added weight


  • This helmet isn’t cheap, but it is a well made, well fitting functional helmet that meets the needs of the 21st Century motorcyclist.


This is a really well put together helmet. Despite only having two shell sizes, the fit due to the well constructed inner padding is excellent, and with the optional communications package, it is really easy to hook into any one of the many Bluetooth devices we all have with us these days. Easy to get on and off your head, and has superb air flow for cooling.

I’ll admit this helmet is not cheap but you get what you pay for. This helmet is lightweight, quiet, comfortable and the visibility is second to none.  The pin lock feature works very well. The flip down sunshade also works a treat.

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