Is The Schuberth C3 The Best Modular Helmet Ever?

Is The Schuberth C3 The Best Modular Helmet Ever?

This Helmet Is Designed Specifically For The Longer Days In The Saddle

We motorcyclists pay a lot for riding gear; we demand quiet, lightweight Schuberth C3W Helmetgear that provides comfort and striking looks.

Despite being in an era where superlatives are the order of the day, this German-made piece of technology does seem to deliver on all fronts. This is one of the quietest helmets on the market. It is lightweight, comfortable to wear for long periods of time and fits.

Even female riders benefit as the Schuberth C3W helmet is specially designed for female faces and head shapes. This allows ladies to enjoy all of the amenities and protection of these quality helmets with a perfect fit.



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In 2008, WebBikeWorld awarded this helmet the coveted Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet of the Year Award for being the quietest flip-up helmet tested.

It was quieter than even full shield products except for possibly one, its cousin the Schuberth R1. The BMW Riders Association also gave it their OTL Product of the Year Award for its innovative design and aerodynamics. OTL is short for On the Level.

A good portion of the credit for noise reduction goes to the dual chin curtains which extend from the back of the chin bar. A special neck curtain attaches to the liner or cheek pads.

Together this extra material redirects much of the wind that normally forces its way underneath the motorcycle helmet creating turbulence and noise. This design also allows the air to flow through the air vents without the interference of back pressure.


Because on longer rides we are talking about wearing helmets 8, 10 or 12 hours at a time, weight is important. This C3 helmet in the XL size weights just 4 pounds.

However, the ladies Schuberth C3W helmet in M weights only 3 ½ pounds. Not only are these lightweight in the motorcycle helmet world, they are well-balanced and comfortable to wear.


The test of a quality helmet is fit and ventilation. The shell has a slightly round-head shape inside that works for over 95% of riders.

Two shell sizes make sure every head is correctly covered.  The smaller one ranges from XS to L while the larger product covers XL to XXXL.

The liner feels soft and supple like a cross between a well-worn flannel shirt and luxurious suede. The microfiber material is both anti-antibacterial and anti-allergenic and moves moisture away from the wearer.

Although no information on the foam liner is available, it has a dense feel and may be a totally new discovery. Different sized liners and cheek pads allow users to customize the fit.

Special vents at the back of the chin bar collect fresh air and direct the airflow across the face and shield to the vents in the top of the helmet. Both the C3 and Schuberth C3W helmet are designed with unique fold-down flaps to cover the vents in the wintertime.

Equipped with a face shield and rotating visor, riders are well protected. The clear face shield opens 180° and smoothly glides up and down. It is relatively thick and has seven vents.

The helmet features a unique ‘city opening’ to allow air flow at slower traffic. This is controlled by a small tab located in the chin bar.

A special Pinlock insert keeps the visor free from fog. The design maximizes the user’s visibility as the eye port does not interfere with peripheral vision.

A special sun visor slips easily into place when needed. Designed to fit over the nose, this sun visor effectively blocks sunrays without distortions.

Looks and Quality

Everything about this helmet exudes quality. Schuberth has been making motorcycle helmets for over 70 years. These products passed the exacting ECE 22.05 standards and received the Department of Transportation approval in the United States.

The C3 and Schuberth C3W helmet shell is made from a special “S.T.R.O.N.G.” fiber. This is a fiberglass that has been vacuum compressed with special resin for strength and durability.

Buyers have a choice of black in Plain Deep Black, Plain Matte Black and Graphic Black. Options also include Plain White, Metallic Anthracite and Metallic Silver.


Schuberth offer a five (5) year warranty.  What is well worthwhile considering for the C3 and C3W is the Schuberth Mobility Program.

All Schuberth customers in U.S.A. and Canada who have purchased a new Schuberth DOT compliant helmet (models: C3 and C3W only) as the first owner from an authorized Schuberth dealer and registered it can take part in the Program.

This comes into play if you have an accident within 3 years of purchasing your Schuberth helmet.  The offer is good within one year of an accident for customers who have pre-registered for the Mobility Program.

The Schuberth Mobility Program is a free program that offers the customer the opportunity to replace a damaged helmet with a new one of the same model for 1/3 of the current retail price within one year of the crash.

If the Schuberth C3 is a little pricey for you then the next best thing we can recommend for you is to browse the

Shoei Neotec Helmet priced from $584.09 or
Shark Evoline 3 ST Helmet priced from $429.95


“I’ve got six high dollar helmets here at home and that’s where they will stay! My Schuberth does everything better then all of them combined. I can hear the whine in my ST1100’s trannie for the first time! On a long ride w/earplugs it’s eerily quiet. I don’t think there is a price too high when it comes to your hearing. I’m very satisfied. No, I’m extremely satisfied with this helmet.”
(Zeekster From Asheville NC)

Although this headgear is on the expensive side, it delivers quiet, lightweight comfort in a strong protective shell. Planned for the touring enthusiast, the aerodynamic design makes looks and function a priority.

Even women benefit with the special sized Schuberth C3W helmet. Manufactured in Germany, every helmet on offer is pretty close to perfect inside and out. I’d rate it 4.7 out of 5.

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