Reevu MSX1 Helmet With Integrated Rear View Mirror System

Reevu MSX1 Helmet With Integrated Rear View Mirror System

Motorcyclist Safety Is At The Forefront With This Latest Release From Reevu

It Comes With A Patented, Innovative Built-in Rear View Mirror System.

The latest Reevu MSX1 and MSX1-R helmets come with an integrated polycarbonate rear view mirror system. Apparently years of painstaking development and investment of over 2 million pounds went into getting it to work.
Reevu MSX1 Rear View
The rear view feature is a quantum leap in motorcycle safety, as anything that protects motorcycle riders is always a good thing.

The Rear View

This life-saving, injury-sparing feature seems to work. In 2000, Reevu received an international patent on this system.

The mirror system reflects the road directly behind the bike. A viewing surface approximately 84 mm wide and 17 mm high is located over the eye port. Bike riders simply look up to see the mirror and can adjust the viewing angle to suit.



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Although the actual area viewed is huge ranging from the roadway right behind the motorcycle to the horizon, the viewing area is cone shaped. Bikers still have blind spots.

The tilt of the helmet dictates what the rider sees directly behind them. One test indicates the operator’s area of vision is at least 36 feet wide 18 feet back; but it is much narrower near the bike.  As roadways in the United States are about 12 feet per lane, this width covers a two-lane road easily.

Images are slightly distorted and not crystal clear. The issue comes from using unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors which are not as smooth as glass mirrors.

Also, the mirrored rear cover is tinted to reduce headlight glare at night.  Pictures are a little darker than those seen in an automobile’s rear view mirror.

This new advance in motorcycle helmet technology does take time to get used to. Remember when you first learned to drive a car, and it took a while to understand how to correctly read the image in the rear view mirrors?  Same story here.

When riders glance up at the top of their helmet, they see the road behind them.  These views constantly change especially when riders turn their heads, not surprisingly.  At first, this can be distracting when a rider checks for vehicles before making lane changes or turns.

I can see how a rider could have trouble learning to turn their head in the opposite direction of the move; as the mirrors reflect what is directly behind head, not where the eyes are looking.


All the materials and construction show quality. The face shield allows a clear line of vision and smoothly moves up and down. There are seven full detents which are small openings used to keep fog from forming.

Removing and replacing the shield is easy. After the shield is pushed up, the release lever is pulled down. Eye port gaskets are perfectly placed, well-made and can be adjusted.

Although the ventilation system works, it does have smaller holes in different locations than other helmets.

These helmets are attractive with high-quality material and finishes. Although the company is in the UK, the helmets are hand assembled in Italy.

Buyers can choose from Blackmetal, Gunmetal and Titanio which is a dark grey metallic. Each product  has a very thick, polished clear coat.  Face shields come in mirrored, clear or smoke finishes.


Customizing is easy with sizes ranging from XS to XXL and different sized cheek pads and helmet liners. The shape is slightly rounded easily fitting the majority of heads. Sizing is accurate.

The ear pockets seem rather shallow and helmets are a little heavier than some but extremely well-balanced. This headgear weights just over 4 pounds. After all, the internal mirror system takes up space and increases weight.

General feedback on the Reevu MSX1 helmet proves these products are comfortable to wear and appear to be extremely quiet. Design plays a large part in both of these as the thick neck padding and chin curtain restricts wind turbulence noises.


However, none of this would matter if the helmets are not safe. Since Reevu plans to market this product worldwide, these products have undergone and are undergoing necessary safety tests as required by the different countries.

People who have had the privilege of inspecting this quality helmet are not surprised that the Reevu MSX1 helmet passes all tests it is subjected to. These helmets even received the British Motorcycle Sport ACU Gold standards endorsement.

Main Features

  • Patented rear-view technology
  • Tri-composite carbon fibreglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fibre shell
  • Fully removable and washable liner – microfibre wicking
  • Anti-fog face shield (clear included)
  • ECE-ONU 22-05 and DOT Approved


Reevu offers a lifetime warranty on the advanced Trifiber composite shell.  The parts carry a five (5) year warranty against breakage.

The liners have a 12 month defect warranty.  Reevu does offer one of the best shell warranties in the motorcycle helmet business.


“Had mine now for just over 2 weeks and it’s superb! Great quality helmet and i got used to the rear view vision system very quickly, love it! You really do just become aware of traffic behind you. There is no way i could go back to a normal helmet – my Shoei is now on ebay.”
(Quicktrike09 from

The reaction of the majority of riders reviewing the Reevu MSX1 helmet is a thumbs up. The bulletproof polycarbonate mirror system keeps bikers safer by letting them see the roadway behind them.

This patented helmet with a rear view mirror is classy, comfortable, convenient and safe. It weighs what you would expect for a flip up helmet. It has outstanding quality and will make its mark on motorcycling for sure. I think it is worth a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

One thing I will say in closing though, no matter how enticing this new technology is; always do your usual blind spot checks.  Your life still depends on it!

Above all else, have fun! Ride safe.

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