Let’s Take A Look At The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Helmet

Let’s Take A Look At The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Helmet

The Speedmaster Carbon Helmet – Strength, Style and Safety The Joe Rocket Way

The Joe Rocket range has brought a sense of “cool” and style to the world of motorcycle jackets, helmets and jeans, with a range of products that are, generally speaking, more cost effective than other brands like Shoei or Arai for example.

The helmet we’re going to review today is the new Joe Rocket Carbon Fiber Speedmaster, so let’s see how it measures up as a potential replacement helmet for you.

Light & Strong



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The carbon fiber construction of this helmet means the Speedmaster is light, strong and looks fantastic when light reflects off it in the right way.

Featuring a 4×4 carbon fiber weave shell you can expect this helmet to take the most severe punishment without fracturing. Of course the fact that this Speedmaster is made from carbon fiber also means it’s incredibly light – weighing in at just over 3-pounds.

This makes it ideal for anyone who hates wearing heavy lids, or if you already have a neck or shoulder injury of some kind.

This helmet also features a dual density EPS foam liner, meaning it can absorb a whole lot of energy if you do come off your bike.

Aggressive Styling

This full-face helmet has some pretty mean lines to it, obviously deciding to go for a far more aggressive look than many other helmets in its price range.

The aero wing on the rear of the Speedmaster Carbon not only looks good but works with the airflow system used in this helmet to keep your head cool – I’ll explain that bit in the next section.

Joe Rocket Keeps You Cool

There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long ride on a hot day and feeling like your head is at risk of bursting into flames at any moment, and all because of a lack of airflow in your helmet.

The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon eliminates that problem by using venturi-style vents at the rear of the helmet, paired with two air intakes at the front – literally sucking cool air in and using it to blast warmer air out the back.

In fact the entire helmet shell has been designed with keeping your entire head cool in mind – all part of the Quadport ventilation system used in this model.

Comfortable Fit

The interior lining of this helmet has a moisture wicking material to soak up any sweat or rain that might have leaked in, keeping your head cool and dry for the entire journey.

The cheek pads are also sculpted and comfortable, which helps to prevent that “squashed hamster” look you get when you first wear some of the cheaper lids on the market. The entire inner lining of the Speedmaster is also removable, making it very easy to clean.

One of the many things I love about this helmet is the chin curtain, which is one of the single best features you can have on any helmet at almost any price. You can basically leave your snood at home as long as you have a jacket that fastens up to your neck – the chin curtain keeps the rest of the wind off your neck.


In terms of keeping the visor clear of fog the team at Joe Rocket have taken a couple of preventative steps here. Firstly the visor itself is treated with an anti-fog coating, and then you have the breath deflector built into the front of the helmet.

Of course there’s also two sliding vents on the chin guard for pushing cooler air towards the visor – all of these specifically designed to reduce that fogging headaches most riders have to deal with.


  • Carbon fiber construction makes the Speedmaster tough and light
  • Quadport ventilation system keeps you cool
  • Several anti-fog systems used to reduce that problem
  • The carbon fiber design is going to turn some heads
  • The dual-density EPS lining could help save your head
  • Good value for a carbon fiber helmet


  • It comes in black – the de facto color for all helmets :-)
  • Can be prone to wind noise at higher speeds


To sum it all up the Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon helmet is a very light, tough and comfortable helmet and you’re getting a lot of features for the price you’re paying. At the time of this review you’ll pay around $360.00. If you want to own what is probably the lightest full-face helmet on the market right now then this is your next lid folks.

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