Arai CT-Z Helmet Review

Arai CT-Z Helmet Review

The Convenience Of An Open Face Helmet With The Safety Of A Snell Rating

Arai CT-Z helmet
The Arai CT-Z helmet is an open-face helmet that meets Snell 2010 standards, which makes it an interesting piece of kit. It is a modification of previous designs, with a view to enhance protection and offer better performance to riders. Consider the following features of this rugged open-face helmet:




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Adjustable Peak

The CT-Z comes with an adjustable peak that offers effective protection from the elements. Riders can flip this peak downwards to avoid glare from the sun, and flip it midway or downwards during gusty conditions. Dual pivot technology allows one to tilt the peak at different angles; including a very low profile that reduces drag when riding at higher speeds.

Upper Vent System

The Arai CT-Z offers great ventilation, due to its ingenious airflow system. Large upper vents with diffusers allow optimum airflow.

Fixed Air-Wing

Conventional open-face helmets are prone to lifting when cruising along highways. It comes with new fixed air-wing technology that restricts such lifting, and remains stable on the head even at high speeds.

New FCS Cheek Pad

FCS cheek pad technology in the Arai CT-Z is almost similar to that of full-face helmets produced by the company. This technology ensures superior helmet stability and support on the rider’s head, with minimal pressure to prevent discomfort. The FSC cheek pad additionally comes with a standard 5MM peel away layer that allows one to micro-fit the helmet according to his or her face shape.

Dry-Cool Liner

The helmet comes with detachable left and right surface pads. These pads allow riders to customize the helmet according to different head shapes and sizes, without necessarily having to purchase additional padding.

Vented Neck Roll

A vented neck roll fits around the rider’s neck, preventing heat buildup from the neck region from traveling upwards. This essentially boosts the ventilation capacity of the helmet, ensuring comfort no matter the weather condition.


  1. Many riders trust the Arai brand of protective helmets including the CT-Z, due to the manufacturer’s decades of research and ingenuity in the field.
  2. The helmet is 100% hand-made, and rechecked for quality at three stages of manufacture.
  3. Like all other Arai helmets in the market, the Arai CT-Z comes with a full 5-year warranty.
  4. Easily meet and supersede “DOT” and “Snell” standards of safety and quality.
  5. Arai is the leading helmet maker in terms of rider satisfaction, according to the J.D Power and Associates Helmet satisfaction Studies, carried out for over 13 years.
  6. Over half of F1 drivers, myriad NASCAR racers, and American Moto GP riders, wear Arai helmets while competing.


  1. Riders can wear the Arai CT-Z helmet in different climatic and weather conditions. This is because its design offers enhanced ventilation and a favorable internal environment for riders.
  2. A sleek, streamlined shape and natural contours not only ensure perfect fit, they also reduce drag at high speeds.
  3. Enhanced ventilation for riders by combining upper vent systems with a vented neck roll, and easy to operate diffusers.
  4. Fixed Air-Wing technology and FCS (TM) cheek pads with peel away feature, give superior stability on the rider’s head making it comfortable to wear.
  5. Detachable Dry-Cool Liner technology ensures that any rider can customize the helmet depending on the shape of his/her head.


  1. Currently, the CT-Z is only available in four colors, giving riders limited color options.
  2. The cost is of the Arai helmet is quite high in comparison to most other helmets of similar specs.


Overall, the Arai CT-Z helmet is a lightweight helmet with excellent aerodynamics and ventilation. It is Snell 2010 compliant and comes with a five year warranty. It comes with a serious price tag, but there is a the satisfaction of knowing it is backed by Arai commitment to quality.

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