The XD-4 Is Arai’s Latest Dual Sports Helmet

The XD-4 Is Arai’s Latest Dual Sports Helmet

The Rock-Solid Reputation Of The XD-3 Carries Over To The XD-4

The Arai XD-4 helmet range is the latest evolution of the versatile Dual SportArai XD4 Helmet XD-3, which arrived on the scene in the later part of the 90s.

The present range offers three configurations, and is a step up from the XD-3 in all aspects. Arai has taken customized comfort to a new level with strategically placed peel away pads and superior overall design. Here is a brief review of the Arai XD-4 to put all the features in perspective.



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Shape, Design and Construction

The inside shell shape of the helmet is the primary aspect that determines the comfort level and right fit, for various types of head dimensions. The XD-4’s shell is an intermediate oval, which is ideal for people having longer head dimensions from front to back, rather than a wider girth side to side.

The outside shell shape is designed to provide better aerodynamics at high speeds, making it more stable. A unique feature of the design is the pivot system for the twin-cam shield.

The peak is made much lower, yet allowing the shield to stay low even when it is raised. This not only enhances the looks, but also improves the aerodynamics. The shield system can be used with or without the peak, and also independently

Arai has always favored fiberglass constructions, and the XD-4 shell incorporates the company’s latest propriety CLC (Complex Laminate Construction) technology, which gives the shell superior strength, as well as flexibility, and lighter weight.

These features of the material, helps to spread the energy of impact over a wider area, while maintaining the structural integrity.

Pads and Liners

The peel away cheek pads have a new patented design that provide the correct pressure when the helmet is worn, and yet does not get in the way when the helmet is being put on or taken off.

Another unique aspect of these cheek pads is their emergency release system, which was first seen in the VX Pro3, and later incorporated into the XD-3. This release design has pull-tabs underneath the pads, so that the helmet can be easily removed in emergencies, by medical staff.  Hopefully this is something that never gets put to the test!

Although the shell design is not suitable for wider head dimensions, the XD-4 has smartly used 5mm temple pads that can be peeled away for extra room when required.

While taking the Arai XD-4 helmet review, it was noticed the company had used for the lining, their patented Dry-Cool material. This material has minute water cells that help in transferring the heat and moisture from the head, to the airflow.

Additionally, this comfortable headliner can be removed and washed. Another unique aspect of the EPS liner is that although it is a single molded piece, it has five different levels of densities, providing better protection and distribution of impact force.

Vents and Ventilation

Apart from the usual chin vent, the XD-4 has vents for the brows as well, to provide better ventilation. However, an optional shield is available to block the brow vents to prevent fogging, or entry of debris and insects.

The chin vent has undergone a makeover in the XD-4 with larger cowls on the sides, and more intake ports. The ventilation design has also improved with the introduction of exhaust ports for the vents at the top diffuser.

All these innovations put together, has improved the efficiency of the ventilation and making the helmet more stable at high speeds.


The fiberglass material used for the shell and the design of the inner lining are considered the best in their class. These main aspects coupled with the fact that Arai always meets the latest Snell M2010 standards, makes this helmet very safe.

Colors and Styles

The Solid range is available in Fluro Yellow, Black Frost, Black, Aluminum Silver and White colors. The Explore range has graphic styles in silver, orange, white, and black colors.


Like all Arai helmets, this one comes with their factory 5 year warranty, which as far as I’m concerned that’s for the life of the helmet.

Summary of Features

  • Improved ventilation with redesigned face vents and a venturi vent at the brow
  • New visor system for improved visibility
  • New locking shield for aerodynamics.
  • New shell shape for better aerodynamic stability at higher street speeds
  • New exhaust ports added to the top diffuser vents
  • New chin vent with more intake ports
  • New comfort headliner, with micro fitting 5mm peel away temple pads
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable Interior
  • Comfort head liner, Adjustable Cheek pads, Chinstrap covers
  • Dry-Cool® technology keeps you dry and cool for greater comfort
  • Patent pending, New FCS® (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design, also with a 5mm peel away micro fit feature
  • Larger sculpted side cowl vents improve ventilation
  • Snell M2010 approved

Pros and Cons

The XD-4 stands out for its comfortable design, a fair degree of customization, and a good fit. The shield, and good ventilation system improves the comfort level while riding, which makes it quite versatile for almost all types of motorcycling.

The peak design may not be suitable for very high speeds, as the air catches on the main surface of the visor, which might pull your head backwards. However, it mainly depends on getting used to knowing when you should remove the peak for specific speeds I guess.  Or maybe not ride so fast!


You can be be sure that this helmet has a good degree of comfort level, and the features makes it versatile for on-road and off-road riding.  Arai does all the right things, it just comes down to personal taste.  From both a safety and a comfort perspective you can’t go wrong.

If you are still undecided, take a look at our Shoei Hornet review for a comparison of another very good dual sport helmet.

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