A Short Review of the Arai XD-3 Helmet

A Short Review of the Arai XD-3 Helmet

***The Arai XD-3 Is Now A Discontinued Helmet***

The Arai XD-3 has been replaced by the latest XD-4. I’ll leave the original review here just in case there is still the odd one kicking about. Please use the menu below to look at some other current helmets that may suit your needs.

This review takes one last look at a great helmet for the Arai XD-3 Helmet Review motorcycle enthusiast who has different riding interests.

It was one of the best dual sports helmets around. You can trust the Arai XD-3 to exceed your expectations for the best in performance and comfort in crossover helmets. It is where dirt and street riding meet, in one hell of a versatile helmet.

First impressions it may look like a dirt helmet – with its protruding chin bar and room for goggles –  but the XD-3 helmet features a full face shield. You can configure your helmet with shield and peak, peak only for use with goggles, or shield only.

Designed with the rider in mind, the superior crossover design of the helmet enables it to be quickly and easily reconfigured for adventure touring, dual-sport, competition, or commuting.



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One thing the XD-3 offers is unparalleled ventilation. This is covered in more detail below.  It features a fully removable liner available in several sizes. Overall it is a well designed, comfortable helmet.

Peak – The Twin-Cam Shield Pivot System enables the shield to operate fully without protruding beneath the mounted peak. The shield stays low when it’s raised, allowing the peak to be mounted lower, resulting in a better look and improved aerodynamics.  What’s more they tested it to perform up to street-legal speeds. The shield system is designed to be used:-

  • in combination with the peak,
  • alone without the peak,
  • or with the peak and no shield.

Rounded Chinbar – This helmet has a unique rounded chinbar shape with less protrusion.

Ventilation – The ventilation of the Arai XD3 has 5 intake and 7 exhaust vents with Arai’s diffuser ventilation design.  Arai  also uses the front vents from the Profile helmet, again designed for increased air intake, while retaining the original XD’s mouth-vent system that can either provide fresh air around the mouth area, or direct the air upward along the inside surface of the faceshield to help prevent fogging. Vent controls are both inside and outside the chinvent. Exhaust vents on the both lower left and right sides and also in the lower neckroll remove hot air from inside the helmet.

Emergency Cheek-Pad Release System – The cheek-pads slide out easily via the pull- tabs built into the underside of the cheek-pad.  Removing the helmet is much easier for trained medical technicians in the event of a fall.  One of those features you hope you don’t have to call on!


  • High-flow peak channels air directly into the front vents
  • Twin-cam Shield Pivot System allows the face shield to operate fully under a peak that can be lowered for better aerodynamics.
  • Customizable fully removable/replaceable and washable liner with optional sizes
  • 4 top vents. Dual intake / dual exhaust ventilation, dual I/C top intake vents and double delta bridged exhaust vents designed to draw significant volumes of air from helmet interior
  • Increased rider comfort because the (Complex Laminate Construction) CLC shell fiberglass composite is stronger and lighter allowing the use of softer, less-dense liner materials
  • Efficient chinbar vent (with interior and exterior controls) flows fresh air to the mouth area or across the shield interior to help prevent fogging
  • Large chinbar side exhaust vents draw out any hot air
  • XD3 helmets meet or exceed Snell and DOT standards


All Arai Helmets are covered by a five year warranty; which is the design life of the helmet.

Size Chart

Here is a neat little sizing chart to save you having to Google it to check your size.  Arai helmet sizes are true to form; so if you don’t already know your head size grab a tape measure.

Arai Size Chart


Used the helmet on both GS style bikes and road style bikes. Helmet worked on both GS and K1200S. Slightly dropping your head can remove all glare from low sun angles. Even with the wind noise, this helmet just became my favorite and first one to grab for a ride.
Ronnie – Uxbrige, MA

What more can be said?  The Arai XD3 has been around for a while now, carving a reputation for itself.

Shoei’s comparable product is the Shoei Hornet DS helmet. Read our review here.  It is presently on sale reduced 10% from the recommended retail price to $459.89.

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