The Arai Signet-Q Helmet Should Fit If The Others Don’t

The Arai Signet-Q Helmet Should Fit If The Others Don’t

The New Offering From Arai Is Longer Front to Back By 5mm. If Hotspots Are An Issue, This Just May Help

The Arai Signet-Q helmets are a whole new range for riders who want a Arai Signet-Q Helmetlonger, more oval headshape.

They are based on the Arai RX-Q helmet design and and owe their heritage to the original signature Signet series which was discontinued around 2004. Arai have acknowledged the standing of the Signet name amongst riders and have re-launched an all new line – the Signet-Q.

Helmet Shell Shape

These helmets take the well accepted features from the RX-Q and blends them into a new series for longer shaped oval heads  The Signet-Q has a significantly longer shell shape with 5 mm more space front to back for greater comfort, in particular the elimination of ‘hot spots’.

These days almost Arai Signet-Q Helmet Revieweverybody has some form of rider to pillion or rider to rider communication kit inside their helmet.

So even though shell shape may not be the primary requirement, this additional space between mouth and helmet can still be necessary. Arai have also made the viewport 10 mm wider for greater peripheral vision by incorporating their updated SAI Shield design.

Arai claim that the latest release Signet-Q range along with the existing RX-Q range, they will be able to meet the needs of over 95% of the United States market with regard to comfort and fit.

New Features



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The Signet-Q range incorporate the new FCS (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design to give a more snug and custom fit, coupled with a 5mm peel-away temple support system to allow a bit more lateral room by increasing the internal width if needed.

This is part of their 5mm peel-away micro layer which is Arai’s differentiator to back up their claim that they intend to cater for the widest rider population fit and comfort expectations.


Arai have a sensible and functional ventilation system on all of their helmets. The Signet-Q is fitted with their proven ventilation system.

The top vents and chin vent are no different to previous Arai helmets, but it’s functional and it works better than most.  The one thing I do like about Arai vents is they snap open and close precisely and cleanly.  Although there is a slight sense of a whistle coming from the top vent when your head is in an upright position in relation to wind flow.

Noise Performance

It’s above average, but I have to say after three decades of riding I still wear quality, well fitting ear plugs. Noise levels depend on a whole host of factors such as rider position on the bike and overall aerodynamics.


There is a limited line of graphics for the helmet at this point in time.  There are five different designs (Racer, Mask, Super Star, Laurel and Flash), each available in two color combinations which is typically a black/white/silver or white/red/blue.

There are ten plain colors, ranging through gray/silver to a nice metallic or diamond blue, which in the plains looks the best in my opinion.  But that’s just my opinion.


Of course it exceeds usual Snell and D.O.T. standards. Say no more, Arai don’t sell junk.


Again, as with all helmet makers who are worth their while, the Signet-Q interior/EPS liner is removable, replaceable and washable.

This dry-cool material has a sweat-wicking technology that absorbs perspiration and gives added comfort while riding because it rapidly displaces the heat and moisture away from your head keeping you dryer.

Some Negatives

One aspect of Arai helmets that is a minor irritation is their chin strap.  The padding is too narrow.  I do wish they’d address it.

Also, noise reduction performance is above average, but I did expect it to be a little better given the standard of manufacture.


Like all Arai helmets it comes with a five year warranty.  This is the recommended life of the helmet, so there’s no complaints there.

Best Price

At the moment you can get a plain color Signet Q for $557.95 (10% off) or if one of the graphics takes your fancy then you can pick one of them up for $674.95 (10% off).


Feature Rating
Overall Construction Excellent – Its An Arai
Fit Excellent
Ventilation Excellent
Noise Reduction Very Good
View Port Visibility Excellent
General Appearance Excellent


So summing it all up the Signet-Q is typical and what we’ve come to expect from Arai. That’s a well built high quality helmet with a sophisticated rider adjustable fit system.

It is light, reasonably quiet and should find favor with riders with a longer oval head shape.  The Arai Signet-Q helmet  has a wider field of vision and a quality face shield with no image distortion.


Arai helmets are listening to their customer base and this helmet is a product of that.  I’m rating it 4.5 stars out of 5 based on its sheer quality of construction, attention to detail in the comfort area and their superior warranty.

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