Arai Profile Helmet Has A Longer, More Oval Headshape

Arai Profile Helmet Has A Longer, More Oval Headshape

**This Helmet Is No Longer Available**

The Profile is no longer a current model. Please use the menu below to check out some possible alternatives that may suit.




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The Arai Profile is a Long Oval (LO) headshape helmet all hand made in Japan with meticulous attention to quality. The shell is Arai’s Complex Laminate Construction (a fiberglass composite) and has a narrower and taller internal height and sides.  With an Arai helmet you get a lightweight, nicely balanced helmet with top notch paint, engineering, finish and fit.   The Profile helmet is both comfortable and provides great protection.  When all vents on the helmet are closed it is one of the quieter helmets.

Arai have released a new long oval head shape helmet – the Arai Signet-Q which is 5 mm longer than their standard helmet shape, to replace the Profile which is now discontinued.


The Arai Profile helmet performs well because it has a vent directly over the mouth which goes a long way towards preventing fogging. Arai placed a brow vent into the top of the visor of the Arai Profile helmet. The brow ventilation system helps keep the rider cool by flowing fresh air to the upper face area with vents at the upper shield.  It also has a dual intake and exhaust ventilation system which lets a lot of air flow round the head.

Fit and Comfort

The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial Arai Profile helmet liner is fully removable and washable, as are the cheekpads.  By deflecting breath away from the shield, the removable breath guard and chin curtain also help to prevent fogging.  For a customized fit the helmet comes with replacement cheek pads in different sizes. The Arai Profile uses infinite adjustment system for raising and lowering the shield with a snap lock on the lower left hand side of the visor.


  • long oval fit
  • brow vent faceshield ventilation system
  • optically correct re-formed faceshields
  • demist lock faceshield helps clear fogging
  • removable Arai Profile breathguard, liner and cheek pads
  • composite fibreglass shell is stronger and lighter
  • free flow system reduces wind turbulence
  • customizable multiple foam interiors for comfort
  • pull down chin spoiler
  • Snell M2010 compliant


Arai offer a five (5) year warranty on the Arai Profile helmet, which is testament to its belief in the quality of its helmets.  Arai offer one of the best helmet warranties in the business.


“If you’ve got a “long oval” head (I prefer “aerodynamic”) like me, there are only 2 or 3 helmets on the US market that might fit. Fortunately, one of them is the Arai Profile. I’ve probably got about 100,000 miles between the Profile and its very similar predecessor Signet model. Typical of Arai lids, the Profile exudes quality: materials, fit, finish, and function. All-day comfy, too; I’ve worn the Profile on some 10+ hour days without the slightest discomfort. I can’t comment on noise level because I always, always wear ear plugs (so should you!). Arai commands premium prices, but what’s your brain worth? Plus you can easily get replacement parts when you need them, something you can’t do with cheaper brands, which allows you to extend the useful life of the helmet. Arai also has top-notch customer support if needed.”
TiltedHorizons – Newark, DE

This is an old favorite that won’t be with us for much longer.  Yes, it’s still a great helmet and will give you years of hassle free use and covered by Arai’s top notch warranty.  If you’re one of those riders who doesn’t need to have the latest and greatest, take a damn hard look at this one because the prices at the  moment are stunning.

In the past I’ve rated it as a 4.8 out of 5 for it’s functionality, fit, quality and warranty. I don’t tend to give price a big weighting in determining the rating of a product. We all like to get something at a great price; you’d have to be crazy not to! But my own experience over the years of motorcycle touring where I’ve bought some cheap crap and then suffered for days as it did not handle the conditions of the time always makes me put price as a secondary consideration.

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