Arai Corsair V Replica Helmet Closeout Sale

Arai Corsair V Replica Helmet Closeout Sale

Arai Corsair V Replica Helmets – Closeout Prices!

Cooler Weather Brings Hotter Prices

With the start of the New Year, this is the perfect time to snatch up some of the best deals on discount motorcycle gear.  Winter weather means hotter prices for the riding apparel you need. Here is one of our handpicked favorites of 2012.  Read our Arai Corsair V Replica Helmet Review, now available at a great discount.

Arai creates helmets for experienced riders with high expectations for features that a helmet should possess.  Not only does it look good, the design is a testament to Arai’s mission:  keep making better and better helmets for riders. Arai constantly strives to innovate and improve every part of the helmet.  Even the smallest of details is an integral part of the overall function and design of a helmet. These lids are made for real riders that know what a helmet should have, what a helmet should do and what a helmet should look like.

Structure and Design: 



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  1. Newly designed shell with Hyper-Ridge around the bottom enhances shell strength while providing a larger bottom opening
  2. Exclusive AirWing provides unprecedented aerodynamic performance with 5 distinct positions
  3. Larger upper vent tabs make operating the vents easier even with thick winter gloves
  4. New Arai “SAI” shield with Super AdSis shield system


  1. Neckroll is removable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat
  2. Newly designed side exhaust cowls exhaust heat as well as add lateral stability at speed
  3. Enhanced air inlets of the new DF-9 diffuser increase airflow efficiency
  4. Brow vents now duct air into the temple area and out the side vents for maximum cooling


  1. Meets or Exceeds the Snell M2010 Certified Safety Standards
  2. Cheek pads have the exclusive Emergency Release Tab feature
  3. The New “SAI” shield is 5mm longer in each side providing a wider field of vision for riders
  4. Peripheral belting across the forehead area of the shell enhances structural integrity while maintaining flexibility, low weight and shell size

This great Arai helmet can be yours with a 31% discount off retail.  In addition to the great look, this helmet still provides protection to the rider with a Snell M2010 Certified Safety Standard.  This lid provides superior ventilation and a wide peripheral vision field. Even at higher speeds, no noticeable buffeting was experienced.  This helmet is excellent for normal or tucked position riding.

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