Bell Revolver EVO Helmet Review

by Keith

$199.95 available in 4 solid colors

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On March 8, 2013
Last modified:May 7, 2013



• DOT Certified

• Shell is lightweight composite polycarbonite alloy

• Five-year warranty


• Noisy at higher speeds

• Inner sun shade could be darker

• Vertical vision field somewhat limited

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet – Improving A Best Seller

The Bell Revolver EVO Modular Helmet was released in 2012 as an upgrade to the Bell Revolver Helmet – one of the best sellers in the Bell Helmet Arsenal.  Bell has been around since 1954 and strives to evolve and improve with every new series.  The EVO is a high quality modular helmet contructed from a composite polycarbonite alloy.

Weighing in at 1750 grams, it is lightweight and stable.  One of the most important improvements over the Bell Revolver redesigned the eye port.  The peripheral field of vision  is nice and wide on this helmet.  Other improvements include better sealing at the chin curtain and smoother sliding of the integrated drop-down sun visor.  Bell Revolver EVO Helmet Review

Ventilation is amazing in this lid.  The Velocity Flow ventilation system is optimized by strategically placing flow separators at precise points inside the helmet which keeps cool air circulating when you need it most. The overall truncated shape adds to the aerodynamic quality of the helmet making it very stable even at higher speeds.

The integrated sun shade can be dropped down easily with a button click and slide.  The sun shade functions separately from the main helmet shield providing the rider extra protection from harsh sunlight on the fly. The chin bar easily flips up at the press of a button.

The clear faceshield is UV protected, scratch resistant and anti-fog.  The interior is removable and washable.  This helmet comes with audio speaker cutouts and contour cheekpads for better fit and comfort.

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet Review

Structure and Design

  1. DOT Certified
  2. Lightweight helmet shell made of composite polycarbonate
  3. Sophisticated aerodynamic design resistant to lift and buffeting
  4. On-the-go inner sun shade with easy flip-down
  5. Bell ClickRelease mechanism for switching shields without tools
  6. The shield is highly scratch-resistant and fog-resistant (NutraFog II technology)
  7. New eye-port and seal design helps in reducing wind noise and provides better sealing
  8. Proprietary Magnefusion technology for securing magnetic strap
  9. Five year warranty


  1. Cheek pads with contour cut that provides a better fit, and enhances comfort.
  2. Proprietary Velocity Flow system for superior ventilation and control of temperature
  3. The interior of Bell Revolver EVO helmet is fully removable, and can be washed
  4. D-Ring Closure and chin strap padding


  • Great Price
  • Quick and Easy Sun Shield
  • Reduced wind buffeting
  • Excellent horizontal field of vision


  • Inner shade could be darker
  • Vertical vision field is somewhat limited
  • Somewhat noisy at higher speeds


If you are searching for an affordable and aerodynamically stable modular helmet, you won’t get much better bang for the buck than with the Bell Revolver EVO.  This helmet has a sweet price tag, coming in right at $200(USD).  Sizes run from XS to 2XL with four different colors to choose from.  This sleek lid is DOT certified and comes with a 5 year warranty.  With over 50 years in the business, Bell knows how to consistently improve and wow you with each new product line.

OK… But How Do I Know What Size Will Fit Me?

With so many riders buying helmets online these days; it is essential to work out what is the size and shell shape that fits you best. Here Anthony from Revzilla gives Discount Motorcycle Gear Reviews readers a quick guide to getting it right the first time.

USA Flag You can check out the Bell Revolver EVO Helmet with free mainland delivery, price match guarantee and 30 day no hassles returns with no re-stocking fees, full refund or alternative item replacement if it doesn’t fit.

If you are from another country the U.S.A. supplier will ship overseas on orders for more than $300 but unfortunately not with free shipping.

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