Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots Are Made Specifically For Women

Sidi Vertigo Lei Boots Are Made Specifically For Women

No-Comprise Complete Race Boots That Can Also Be Worn on the Streets

Flexible and Breathable Without the Weight

Sidi has taken into consideration the needs of female motorcycle race enthusiasts with the Sidi Women’s Vertigo Lei motorcycle boot. One noticeable point to take note of is that Sidi vertigo boots and the Sidi women’s vertigo lei are like identical twins with high-tech components. Both styles definitely meet the expectations of lady riders.



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Boot Highlights

  • This pair of boots is stunning with an outer shell comprised of Lorica which is coated with Teflon. This innovation provides flexibility and breathability without giving too much weight when worn. The boots have a patented calf system which can be adjusted to fit accordingly to the wearer.
  • The Vertigo Lei boots do not focus on being fashionable since they are not made by men who have an image on their minds as to how a female rider should look like.
  • These boots are designed with quality materials to ensure the protection and safety of women just like the Sidi Vertigo Boots. With just a pinch of woman’s style, the boots will keep you going.
  • The Sidi Women’s Vertigo Lei tends to bend to a softer side. This is because of the “Lei” in its name which refers to the necklace placed on the necks of tourists in Hawaii. While this does not affect the purchase, some buyers may have missed the subtle red embossing found on either side of the Lei boots which resembles flowers. Still, Sidi actually took the word “Lei” from its Italian form meaning “she.”
  • When it comes to the design, this boot is a no-comprise complete race footwear and can also be worn on the streets. It is just as sturdy as mens boots and do not come in high-heeled styles which is a relief. The Vertigo boots for male riders are similar to the Vertigo Lei except for the flowery imprint.

Pros and Cons

Unlike boots meant for male feet, the Vertigo Lei is built only for the foot mold of a woman. There is no sloppy feeling when you wear a pair of these boots. However, the boots for women have limited sizes. In Europe, there are only sizes from 39 to 42 corresponding to US sizes of 7-9.5.

Lei boots are designed for those who are serious about motorcycle riding. However, you can still use them for touring, track racing, and street riding.

No matter what style, the most important thing that any female rider should not forget is her protection while on the road. Vertigo Lei offers this guard without much effort. The only downside is that the interiors can be a little hard. The lining is similar to the race boots such as the Vertigo Air from Sidi. There is a padded mesh though it is thin which makes them very comfortable for the wearer.

Why Women’s Boots are Necessary

Needless to say, female riders demand protection just like their male counterparts. This is what this entire motorcycle attire offers. Vertigo Lei boots are not your ordinary street rider boots. They have toe and ankle sliders which you can replace.

To increase the protection, there is an attached ankle protector or slider found on the inside of the boot. You can also replace the heels in the rear and the shin as well.

Vertigo Lei comes with Vertebra System created and trademarked by Sidi. This defends the Achilles tendon of the rider and has an elastic panel close to the zipper entry. This enables a zip function that is free from binds that provides support for an improved fit.

With these features, there is no doubt that the Vertigo Lei can provide the protection that female riders call for. We all know that motorcycle accidents happen so it is significant that when this occurs that riders are well-protected. Sidi boots do not have smooth soles so there is no tendency of sliding when walking on wet surfaces.

Many experts agree that the Spidi Vertigo Lei for women is the ultimate choice for female racers. It has all the essential factors that make it the best option on the market. From the overall design to the extreme comfort offered, there is no reason not to purchase this woman’s racing boot.


“Amazing boots!! they have protected me amazingly. These boots are brilliant, absolutely worth the money I payed for them!! They were put through their paces days after I bought them when I was involved in an accident, the engine landed on my boot and it protected me amazingly, I felt no pain. I suffered no injury and the boots were barely damaged!!

They fit better as a woman’s boot than I could have expected from a motorbike boot. I recommend them to everybody!! If you are like me and don’t have much money they are really worth waiting a little longer and saving up for without a doubt and when I wear them I know that they are going to last me a very very long time.”

(Kirsti Mann, Steyning)

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that these are the ultimate female racing boot well worth the money.

They offer all the protection for racing and are comfortable to wear as well. Great for competition, for adventure touring, dual-sport, competition, or just plain commuting. Great value for money and well worth the price. We’d give them 4.75 out of 5.

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