Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots Are The Latest Release For 2013

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots Are The Latest Release For 2013

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

Motocross and serious adventure riding puts wear and tear on you, your bike and your boots, so you’re going to need a pair of boots that can take a beating and still come back season after season to get stuck in and keep you glued to the pegs when you need to be. This means you’ll need a part of cross boots that you can rely on, and fortunately for you we’re going to be taking a closer look at the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boot today, to see how it compares to the previous Sidi Crossfires – which were already recognized as being one of the best boots in their class.



At the moment you can pick one up from the following big online stores.


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$575.00 $488.75 – Revzilla Online


$575.00 From $460.00 – Cycle Gear Direct


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  • price match guarantee on some orders :-)

SRS Boot Sole

Just in case you don’t know the “SRS” in the name of this boot actually stands for Sole Replacement System, which is one of the biggest selling features of these boots. Unlike other motocross boots where once the sole wears out you bin the boots, the Crossfire SRS allows you to simply replace the sole instead.

Not only that but Sidi also offer different types of sole to suit your riding style – including an enduro sole and a supermoto sole for example; each with it’s own specific capabilities and features. The Crossfire 2 SRS are the ideal boots for multi season and multi-style cross/off-road riding.

New Base Material

This might seem like a minor detail to some but we figured it was worth mentioning here. These Sidi boots don’t use the standard Lorica material you’ve probably become used to. Instead you get the brand new microfiber material called TechnoMicro made by the team at Sidi themselves, which is tougher than silk and better than synthetic leather overall. Using this new material makes these boots far more breathable and more durable than any synthetic leather that Sidi has used so far.

Redesigned Toe Box

Enduro/cross boots have a tendency to be large and clunky which can make shifting with them a nightmare – you wind up living in false neutral city half the time. Sidi have managed to not only provide you with a very rugged cross-riding boot but one that has a very low profile toe box too – you’ll have no problem making snappy, clean shifts thanks to this change in design. The redesigned toe box also means that you’ll also have more space for your feet, which might sound trivial but if you’ve ever had to wear a pair of cramped motocross boots for more than 30 minutes you’ll appreciate all the toe room you can get.

Sturdier Heel

You’ll also notice that the heel of the boot has been redesigned and gives you more contact with the kick-starter and just a generally more comfortable position for your heel to be in, period.

Sleek Design

There’s a number of nice touches on these boots which not only give them smoother lines, but also make them far safer for riders too. The stitching is recessed on these boots which means they’re going to last a lot longer than older Crossfires. The TPU elements are also missing off the toe box, reducing the risk of snagging your boot on something random that you didn’t see in time, and of course the cam lock buckles also mean that there’s no risk of the buckles getting snagged on anything either.

Fully Adjustable

The entire boot is adjustable from the base up, with the cam lock buckles and Dual Flex system providing that little bit more play and wiggle room in what is an otherwise rigid motocross boot. The front and rear of the boot are peaked, so there’s more room for people with bigger calves, and you can even manually adjust the boot to fit a calf up to 22-inches in size. Another huge benefit of the cam lock buckles used on the Crossfire 2s is that they’re way, way easier to open and close with your gloves on than pretty much any other buckle we’ve come across. Oh and once these buckles are closed they stay closed.

Other Features

Some other things we like about these boots are that you get air vents not only on the calf area of the boot but on the Achilles heel section too. These air vents work very well with the Teflon-lined interior of the boot to wick moisture away from your feet to the outer layer of the boot itself. All of the above keeping your feet as dry as can be expected when they’re sealed inside a pair of semi-rigid motocross boots.


The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boot is available in a wide number of colors including black, white, gun metal, red, orange, blue and then variants of those base colors. Basically if you can’t find a pair of Crossfire 2 SRSs that appeal to you then there’s a good chance you’re fussier than you might have previous thought.


  • The Dual Flex system provides for a flexible yet rigid boot
  • Being able to replace the sole is a nice touch – you get 3 pairs of boots rolled in one
  • The TechnoMicro material is comfortable and a good replacement for Lorica
  • The cam lock buckles work really well to keep your feet and legs secure


  • These boots come in European sizes so that can be confusing, plus the fit tends to be a little narrower to suit European feet. I own a pair of the Version 1 Sidi Crossfires, and that was an issue with them as well.
  • We know they’re Sidi boots, which means quality apparel, but they cost almost $600.


A pair of the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots will set you back around $575, depending on where you purchase them.


The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRSs are a pretty big improvement on the previous Crossfires in a number of ways, including being safer, more durable, made out of a new fabric and featuring an all new low profile toe box too. If you’re a cross riding fan and you can afford these boots they’re well worth having.

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