Value for Money Icon Reign Boots are 100% Waterproof

Value for Money Icon Reign Boots are 100% Waterproof

Rain vs Reign – The Boots Come Out The Winner

Sorry for the somewhat lame headline! Sometimes editorial inspiration disappears.

In the case of Icon Reign Boots, the verdict is that water cannot overcome its competitor in a fair fight. When the company says their boots are 100% waterproof, I think they mean it.

The fact the boots were designed in a city that pretty much invented rain, so they should have been tested plenty by the manufacturers in natural conditions.




At the moment you can pick one up from the following big online stores.


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$170.00  $128.00 – Revzilla Online

$170.00 $128.00 – Motorcycle Superstore


And what’s more, you’ll get

  • free ground shipping,
  • no hassle returns, and
  • price match guarantee on some orders :-)
  • Durable leather and ballistic nylon upper
  • 100% waterproof seam sealed construction
  • Waterproof and breathable inner lining
  • Injection molded shin and ankle plates
  • Rubber shift interface ribs
  • High friction outsoles
  • Axialmetric steel shank
  • Footpeg interface arch
  • YKK waterproof zippers

The target for this product is made up of motorcyclists, both male and female. Both types of shoe look the same, with the exception that women’s feet tend to be smaller and narrower, so allowances have been made for these size differences.

Otherwise, they match in every other respect right up to the mid-calf edge. Black leather and nylon are used along the upper portions, which is probably why they work well but cost less than some brands which are made entirely of leather.

They close with a zipper. Nothing gets in, although the material does breathe. In spite of their sealed seams, rubber ribbing, and heavy duty protection, these are light boots at a reasonable price.

Customers are saying the Reign boots are perfect on long road trips where hours are spent at the handlebars. Do not expect to wear them comfortably for walking any great length of time as they tend to be stiff when you are upright.

Still, customers are not complaining and they like the subtle style. There are no flashy buckles or metal bits. What they like these for is riding in comfort and arriving at their destinations as dry as when they started out, no matter what the heavens have poured down on their heads. Losing the feeling in your feet because you are cold is one unpleasant experience as motorcyclists we all know about.

The Icon Reign sole is slip resistant, which is another plus when you consider the wet conditions you might encounter. It is great to have a dry foot, but not so good if you slip and soak your butt.

More importantly, being non-slip, your foot stays on the pedal in rain and extreme cold, so you can apply the brake or accelerate effectively no matter what time of year it is.

Another protective consideration is the reinforcement added to shins and ankles. The overall effect is a simple black boot without a lot of fancy additions that would have served no purpose while you sit on your bike anyway.

Sizing is accurate, so you can expect the boots that arrive in the mail to fit. This means you can also safely buy a pair of these for the biker in your life so long as you can find out what size he is. They tend to start out a bit snug though, but wear in quickly.


If the range of Reign boots are a little pricey for you even with the discount prices above then you need to seriously think again. These are the cheapest quality waterproof boots you can buy. Other popular waterproof touring boots are TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots or Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR


“Very solid boot all around. Protection in all the right places, not bulky and not too stiff. They do take some getting used to. They have a tight fit around the ankle and metatarsal area but the foot size is dead on.

I stress on the zipper possibly failing since they are snug. Portland rain can’t seem to get in. Also my feet get clammy when wearing them for a long time but remain dry.”

(Gear Geek, Portland, OR)

The feedback from various motorcycle gear websites to date reinforces our verdict that it is a great high quality stiff water-proof boot for adventure touring, or commuting well worth the meager price of $160. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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